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  1. I really envy you. I wish I lived where you do. Or just could go back to how things were! When I first moved in there, the neighbours were great. They literally knocked on my door to introduce themselves! When I left, knocking on doors was for getting music turned down so I could try to sleep
  2. The problem with ex-council houses is that not all the neighbouring properties are ex. If Thatcher was going to sell any of them, she should have sold all of them. Even if that meant giving them to their occupants for free. Buy an ex-council house, and there's a good chance you end up living next to the dregs of society. I speak from experience! The nice retired working class old couples who would say hello to you to shuffled off into care homes and got replaced by unpleasant chavs, druggies and foreigners who wouldn't! Not the nice kind of foreigner that @MrPin would defend, but sc
  3. Does Betteridge's law of headlines apply to headlines that aren't even properly formed questions?
  4. I could never see it. Some combination of Firefox and blocking add-ons stopping me being tracked by Zuckerberg. They can't control it if you save the image then upload to DOSBODS. Random mathematical meme:
  5. Have the BBC lost the plot ? Yes.
  6. Open source software attracts people "on the spectrum". People "on the spectrum" have a disproportionate tendency to troon out Troons cause strife. Strife causes open source projects to falter or fail. Bill Gates wins. I might almost smell a conspiracy behind it.
  7. Is that an oil tank underneath it? Good place for it! What could go wrong?
  8. Here's the relevant bit: https://pace.coe.int/en/files/29004/html Resolution 2361 (2021) Covid-19 vaccines: ethical, legal and practical considerations
  9. Assume the vaccine is very bad and kills people. The Queen tells everyone to get it. People who listen to the Queen are persuaded to get it. People who despise the Queen are persuaded not to. The vaccine kills people who listen to the Queen. People who despise the Queen are selected for. What's not to like? Anyone who listens to a word Big Ears says deserves everything they get!
  10. But I am a selfish bastard! Selfishness is human nature.
  11. I wonder whether any of them would welcome a choice between "compulsory vaccination" and "other restrictions on liberty" (footnote 7) for medical treatment they were "hesitant" about. I hope I never meet any of them!
  12. You're under no obligation to provide personal / private medical details even if you're asked. "I've started having anxiety attacks / getting really anxious / feeling light-headed because of not being able to breathe in the heat" would work, mind. Stays valid once it gets cold again, because if you've ever had an anxiety attack, you don't want to do anything that could cause another
  13. I would never buy a house near any utility infrastructure. I bet that pylon hums!
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