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  1. maybe the police are in high positions overlooking risky positions? ok, they wont stop suicide bombers but they can stop people running about with guns.
  2. tbh, I've been thinking about this. if I was a terrorist cell I'd blow up the armed police. Take their guns then go on a shooting spree.
  3. Wow! I just read an article in the Guardian that type of admitted that migrants were harassing women in Paris. Maybe they are starting to understand the problems third world migrants bring?
  4. FFS, the Guardian pull out the "poor immigrants" articles before the victims are even buried. 95% of terrorism in Europe is due to immigration ffs. "Victim's brother: stop using Manchester attack to denounce immigration" "The brother of Martyn Hett, who was killed in the Manchester bombing, has appealed for people to stop using the tragedy to denounce immigration. Dan Hett, whose brother was one of 22 people who died in the blast at an Ariana Grande pop concert on 22 May, revealed that they were both second-generation immigrants, like the suicide attacker, Salman Abedi."
  5. tbh, I think the "serious" and "comic" posters all have their place here. imho, the worst type of poster is someone that tries to shut others up because they disagree with their opinion.
  6. tbh, I doubt he had a bomb. however modern life could get hard if we have many such incidents...
  7. we do that! we also like using deliveroo riders as horses and having a game of polo.
  8. Just wait until you get in the "super stealth club". We all hang around smoking cigars and playing billiards.
  9. tbh, it sounds more like the boyfriend wanted the policeman's pension....
  10. So any half wit can sit in his bedroom and use youtube to build a bomb that can kill 22? The only answer is mass deportations.
  11. The thing with cars is that they are useful. You need them to have a modern society ie drive to work/ drive to your friends/ drive on holiday. We accept road deaths because the positive of cars outweigh the negatives. If cars were banned our society would fall apart. Muslims just don't have anything to add to modern successful societies. If every Muslim left Europe tomorrow we'd have a better society (after a few years upheaval).
  12. Even the most idealistic/ naïve SJW must be questioning their beliefs after Manchester. It's interesting to note how different communities "police" their own communities. If a white person says something racist other white people shout him down as a "racist". If you say something racist at work you can lose your job. If a white person goes on a BNP march he will literally get attacked by other white people. A Muslim kills 22 at a concert and the Muslim community is virtually silent - apart from complaining about islamaphobia of course.
  13. Is this not a job for the local newspaper? Government officials hate being made to look inept in the media... I believe the demand for shellfish is from the continent. A lot of it is sold in Spain/ France.
  14. The thing is more and more people are starting to feel that way. I'm getting to the stage where if Muslims are killing other Muslims I just don't care. Send them all back and let them get on with it.
  15. Nosler

    Muslim Boycott?

    Yet another terrorist attack and again the Muslim community does very little to condemn it. Is it time that the UK public boycotted Muslims and Muslim businesses? Should we also boycott Walker Crisps until that migrant lover Gary Lineker stops promoting them?