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  1. Would it be classed as essential travel to go to the sales ?
  2. We already have full English campuses in China Nottingham Uni has a replica campus in Ningbo All par of our courting China
  3. Afraid, it's too depresing to watch that, knowing it may be impossible to repeat
  4. Unfortunately, I fear so It's such a fucking shame that Blair wrecked this country so successfully. It wouldn't have been that bad to be a prisoner here, I could have coped Now, it's fucking rubbish The thiught I can't escape, even for a few weeks, is now quite worrying.
  5. Very good More weeds you can eat here https://www.eatweeds.co.uk/plants We have wild garlic mayonnaise with deep-fried tempura battered squid tonight Might have nettle soup first.
  6. Yes, but you can't rely upon genetic drift to fix the new mutation in the population, it could drift to fixation, it could disappear You need selection to drive a new strain to prevalence or fixation. Selection that favours its spread. It could be fitter because it is more infectious than a previous strain, for example, while being equally lethal or less lethal or it could succeed because an earlier more lethal strain is selected against because the hosts die more quickly and a dead host doesn't transmit virus. The new strain should have a fitness advantage.
  7. For that we need deaths, probably a lot of deaths Or everyone that has a deadly strain has to be identified and isolated so that the virus is effectively removed.
  8. It's pretty straightforward to do if you know what you are doing, But rt-PCR at this scale would need to be on a robotic system I'd have thought. I've just looked at a kit https://www.biobasic.com/coronavirus-covid-19-primers#kit It's bog standard GTC extraction, spin column and RT-PCR And for a few tests it would be fine, But imagine scaling this kit up in a lab with technicians - chaos. That kit is pretty useless. Still the company is trying to have a presence I guess. (Be simpler and cheaper to DIY your own 'kit' for a test of course - primers are cheap as chips. I wonder how many Mol Biol bods are testing themselves, I've got all the equipment and I'm tempted.... but won't probably bother.)
  9. So thisHancock, "Look I'm better thing" How the do they think we will swallow that Numerous reports suggest you are infectious longer than 7 days That was in the Thurrock gazette, however
  10. Better and coronavirus clear after a week he's having a larf at our expense
  11. The best was very close inshore. It went like this 1) I think that fucker half a mile away in the 36 footer is heading straight for me 2) Surely he'll bear away 3) He's still heading straight for me 4) Surely, he'll bear away 5) It looks like he's not going to bear away 6) Nah, he'll bear away 7) Nope, he's not going to bear away 8) Better ditch everything and move 9) Yacht goes past my stern with about 30m to spare and as it does so an old fucker comes up the steps from the cabin with a cup of tea. This was all about 200 m off a very rocky coastline.
  12. It's not Covid19 that has got me scared It's our fekking response I have lost any connection with the rest society. Clapping at 8.00pm is now weekly fekking event. Fekking 'ell