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  1. I'd go along with the following stetement whole heartedly "There is no thinking involved - if you are thinking you are missing the music" It is all about the music. You shouldn't have to think. With animals (and young children) they can tell if you are having to think and that pisses them off because they know what they want. Police, hunt and gypsy horses are bomb proof because the person and the animal are both enjoying the music.
  2. If employed work was enjoyable than many would enjoy working The thing is, most managers are wankers Even enjoyment in vocational work has been destroyed in most cases The self-employed often carry on well after state retiremnet.
  3. I actually said to one, who claimed he couldnt afford to retire, that "I think you should FOAD" "What's that mean?" he said I said "I think you should fuck off and die" I did walk out and hand in my keys and pass a couple of days later.
  4. I despise such people. I had 'working life' life long friends who couldn't work out why I suddenly despised them so much and looked at them as if they were dog shit on my shoe. Some of these people even had the obscene gall to have youngsters working for them as unpaid volunteers to help them get valuable work experience. These kids didn't need experience, they needed a wage for their work. SCUM
  5. Hopeful

    Jim's Jalopy

    Perhaps there is a good enough distributor market around the world now to keep all these technical cars going.
  6. "The graveyards of Paris are full of indespensible people" (May, or may not, have been said by Charles De Gaulle)
  7. yes, it will all be done on your ability to be independent, and so that will be state assessed. Plan for your future, be prudent and have savings, and you'll get no help until 75, Piss all your salary up the wall on booze and prossies and you'll get all the help you need as soon as you can convince someone you're too ill or tired to work. I hated Milliband, but he was dead right with the 'squeezed middle' FUCKERS
  8. Honestly, I think 2/3rds is being generous. I'd say 1 in 20 are giving a full days work for a full days pay, maybe even less that that.
  9. Hopeful

    Jim's Jalopy

    I've no interest in driving in Europe That would be the whole point - to drive as far away from Europe as possible.
  10. They are not saying they will stop you not working - they just won't be giving you a state benefit
  11. Yes, the first frost to weaken the skin (the alternative is to prick them with a pin for sloe gin) We don't get a frost anymore Climate change, haven't you heard ?
  12. Don't be in a rush to pick the sloes. Saw some people picking sloes yestreday while I was blackberrying. The sloes are almost black, but they are not ripe yet. Still as hard as bullets. Wait until they have softened. Besides the apples aren't ready yet. One problem this year is that the sloes are early and if it's hot they can shrivel before they ripen. You may know that :-)
  13. It's superb with game, decent sausages, duck, goose, lamb. Recipe is easy: Equal weight of apples and sloes (crab apples if you can get them), just halve the crab apples or quarter others - dont peel. Cover with water (press apples and sloes down in pan as they'll float and you'll end up adding too much water trying to cover them) and bring to the boil and cook until soft/slightly pulpy but not pulp. Then strain through muslin - I hang it under a chair over a bowl overnight. Then 1 lb sugar to every 1pt juice, boil until setting. It is superb with this simple pate: https://millybag.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/183/
  14. Yes, I pay no tax, but I do that by earning little and having time as my own. Right or wrong, at 50, I gambled on life now rather than life later, seeing as the way things are going. As I've said, I forage most of our food and there is a reason for that. I have the time, it's saves about 2k per annum, and I like being out doors. So this last week staring monday, dinner was, mackerel, mackerel, mackerel, lobster, hare (road kill), bass tonight. Pheasant pate on toast with sloe jelly every lunchtime. Next week will be the same. Some might say it's monotonous. But it's healthy and almost free. pm me, always interested in women's bodies
  15. And if you rent, because you didn't want to buy into a ponzi ? I really have done the right thing all my life But because of these fuckers, I've always been wrong.