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  1. I moved away from EDF about 3 years ago. They proved themselves to be cunts. (Why would a french company treat the British with ecency anyway?) I'm now with Octopus, and, mid contract, they have just voluntarily moved me to a cheaper tariff.
  2. And there we have Harry talking absolute bollox Translation "I'm Harry, and I'm a mug for damsels in distress, girls who seem to have no friends or much family, girls who don't seem understood, in fact, girls who feel just like I feel, isolated just like my mother. I met Meghan, my soulmate who mirrored my feelings exactly. As you know, we got married and my, how things have changed since. I now look knackered, frazzled and miserable. I've had to give up all the things I love, my friends, the military, my family and my country. But as you can see, I'm still here while Meghan is in Canada, and to be honest with you all, so you hear it from me, I'm dreading going back to her. But I must convince myself that all is well and so I am telling you all, I am now isolated just like my mother, Meghan is the best thing that ever happened to me."
  3. Does that mean they'll also have to include somewhere to park the car ?
  4. Yes, but I thought an EDF supplied smart meter will only work with EDF and not any other supplier and vice versa - so just keep chopping and changing... Quick google suggests so https://www.ovoenergy.com/help/can-i-switch-energy-suppliers-if-ive-got-a-smart-meter
  5. Inevitable Aren't smartmeters supplier specific? -I'd just keep changing suppliers to be a PITA
  6. No. £50k is not enough for anybody to tell me what to do.
  7. I have always felt as if I was dying whenever I have eaten a British Rail egg and cress sandwich.
  8. Well, her Mother's nose stud at the Royal Wedding did it for me, but perhaps I'm just a snob
  9. It looks like the zombies have just crawled out of the sewers.
  10. I think Kate's family are awful, but Kate herself doesn't seem to have brought any problems. Whereas Meghan's falily seem as awful as Meghan.
  11. William seemed to find someone. OK, not blonde, but I would.
  12. I do. Yes. A lamb to the slaughter. Of course a Narc will change the other person's personality considerably as the person tries to simultaneously fulfil the narcs wishes while finding a way for themsleves to 'live ' or rather deal with the narcs destructive personaliy; a case of self preservation. Too many people that know Harry have said too many nice things about him for him to be a total arrogant tosser IMO. Harry was love-bombed and cunt-struck.
  13. Harry loved Meghan, but he probably now wonders what happened to the girl he met that seemd to love and understand him so well and so lovingly and so sexually. Why has Meghan become such a struggle? Harry will be trying desperately to find a way to get her to love him again, just like she did, when it was easy and there were no demands or rows - hell give up anything for that care free time to return; it never will and deep down, Harry knows this. Meghan enjoys and uses sex and could endure sex with Harry while Harry had the potential to get her what she wanted. As soon as Meghan decides she wants someting else that Harry can't get her, Harry will find he's no longer needed, or his life is made so awful he finds a way to exit. Meghan deosn't care if Harry dumps her, he'll be the weak one, she'll be the jilted party. It's always worked out like that before. This time, Megahn dear, it's different. I do not believe Meghan has ever loved Harry. He was someone who could give her something she wanted. I posted this up thread, I still stand by it. Meghan is the narcissist in the description below. Things like stability, marriage and parenthood are not interesting to narcissists. They will pursue them because they think they have to. It’s a way for them to hide their true intentions behind the image of a perfect family. It’s nothing more than a front. Feeling restricted, limited and bound, they punish their partners and children for robbing them of living out their freedom. They become the neglectful or tyrannical parent. The cheating husband or wife.
  14. I still reckon Harry is a Co-D - he fits my experiences of a Co-D, which can include elements of narcissism https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10507582 I see Meghan as the narc seeking out a Co-D and Harry as the Co-D seekig out a narc. Both people damaged by their upbringing
  15. Early days. This is just Plan A part i, there are many parts to follow i expect. I think this is about getting rid of Meghan and bringing back Harry.