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  1. Hopeful

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    Nah, £25- £30 a night, main meals for two, glass of wine, pint of beer. £120 a night and I'd be inconsolable
  2. Hopeful

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    We had to visit elderly parents this week and being away from home we ended up eating out 4 nights in a row at a cost of £120. First tme we've eaten out in over a year and it is a fair bit more than we'd spend on food in a month. It fekking hurt
  3. Hopeful

    Bloody Metric

    13.3 oz each, which is accurate enough Took about 15s to work out mentally, got it wrong the first time
  4. Hopeful

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    yes, you can almost live 100% on foraging, I'd estimate we must be at 70% and perhaps more. Just asked the GF and she also said about 70%. Re VAT, Isn't the 2020 'drastic reduction' no more than a floated proposal at the moment? and I think I read a figure of £25k. But, like any floater, it's still one big turd of an idea. I now aim to earn less than ever, it really isn't worth the hassle. At the level of the individual alowance. In about 10 years I plan to start a business that will just receive cash.
  5. Hopeful


  6. Hopeful

    Westmister car of peace

    Haven't read the whole thread, but I was struck by a comment I heard a police spokesman (it was a man) say on the So-Called BBC news when speaking about the terrorist "We didn't find any weapons on the suspect" Which surprised me, because I thought the suspect was sitting in a fekking big one.
  7. Hopeful

    Peak UK Economy

    Unemployment fell by 65k, economically inactive grew by 77k
  8. Hopeful

    Westmister car of peace

    Cripes, when you add that to terrorism you can clearly see how we're fooked
  9. Hopeful

    Westmister car of peace

    Could be a bit smelly by then
  10. Hopeful

    Westmister car of peace

    And with the barriers, nowhere to escape.
  11. Hopeful

    Westmister car of peace

    TBF, it can be distracting
  12. Hopeful

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    XSR 700 is sold with one of thses I would imgine But what's with the Coke can for the exhaust ?
  13. Hopeful

    Trump's progress

  14. Hopeful

    The Labour party hates Jews

    Yes, but C0rbyn has his communist principles, and he'll cut off his nose to spite his face, such as split up a family over a child's schooling, If you are not a Corbynite you'll be cut adrift too in a C0rbyn world, he is not an inclusive politician at all*. I'd guess his supporters are similarly uninculsive. In fact, I am sure that they are as we have seen that manifest in Frank Field's and Kate Hoey's constituencies where these two MPs (good ones IMO) face deselection for representing the majority Brexit views of their cnstituency that are predominantly from conservative voters, rather than the minority remain views of their vocal and active labour supporters. *Compare with Trump who seems to be governing for all despite the SJW and ANTIFA rhetoric
  15. Hopeful

    A plague on all your houses

    I was in Parliament one time working with an MP for a spell and the division bell rang for a vote. Now, we all know they mostly vote on party lines. Up jumped the MP from their desk in Portcullis and exclaimed "I've got to go and vote, it's the save all the babies bill, vital we get it through". But as the HoC TV was on, as it always is in an MP's office, and I'd been watching it, I said, "No, this is the kill all the babies bill" the save all the babies bill is tomorrow. The MP showed complete disnterest and went and voted for the government. Likewise, my local MP has never voted other than for his party, and yet he is too dim to ever get a promotion and so could actually vote with a consience if he had one