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  1. It would be interesting to know the saving or cost to the economy once renewables are all up and running
  2. Less painful, doesn't require as much gas and air to cope with it as full Labour
  3. Glad to see you are using the Met Office and not the So-Called BBC and MeteoGroup
  4. Interesting. Didn't realise it had risen to such prevalence. 71ËšC for 20 mins. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3416424/ That probably explains why Tescos and others inject water into the finest.
  5. Hopeful

    Forever Young

    Given the success of this, he should find it easy to get music next year, people should be falling over themselves; although it'd be nice if he stuck with the same singer- I'm sure there will be a next year. Shame that Open All Hours is a thing (also a striking similarity to my childhood and yes, there was the equivalent of a nurse Gladys during my childhood) otherwise the So-Called BBC would be all over him for a series. Although I wouldn't be surprised to see "The Real Open All Hours" as a documentary. Would he fall foul of child labour laws though..............
  6. Hopeful

    Forever Young

    What, theres a clause ?
  7. Was just talking about slabs of meat. Sausages, and other processed products whether meats or other groceries, always look at the ingredients
  8. Hopeful


    one of the early models
  9. Hopeful

    Forever Young

    But you still expect someone to give it to you though
  10. I've never given any money to any charity/cause
  11. Hopeful

    Climate Change

    I haven't checked your maths but you've ended up at a figure ~110k too high. I think you need to reduce the radiation received to 342Wm^-2 and then reduce that by 30% to allow for earth's albedo to arrive at 237Wm^-2, which after the maths = 255K or -18C. The GHGs warm earth to 15C
  12. Hopeful

    Climate Change

    Compare temperatures on Earth Mars and Venus using Stefan Boltzmann law. Earth is warmer than it should be, Mars is about right and Venus is really really hot because unlike Mars, it has sufficient mass that gives it sufficient gravity that it can retain an atmosphere, which is almost all GHGs
  13. I buy it like this https://www.samuelkirk.co.uk/hypochlorite-solution-red-label-25ltr-12738-p.asp