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  1. And huge amounts of time and money have been wasted by honest organisations showing they comply with GDPR, while dishonest organisations carry on as before.
  2. That was a great show as was the So-Called BBC parody, both brilliant parody of the culture we have encumbered ourselves with. I had the misfortune to experience a dead ringer for the PR guy in a PR role. He fucked up press release after press release of mine. It was policy to go through the twat. In the end I had to leave the organisation to be rid of him as it was affecting my progress.
  3. I have a Pizza stone - It's a large one of these Often known as a flowerpot saucer Works a treat
  4. Clearly trying to touch her navel with both elbows
  5. But what is a good Brexit ? A good Brexit to them could mean Remain in all but name to us
  6. It's very amusing the GF and I can be walking along a coast path (for example) and a couple of blokes can pass us that are obviously a couple walking in the opposite direction. The GF will now always look round and will more often than not catch one of the chaps looking back at me.
  7. I have been groped by women at work in my 20s, 30s and 40s I have been propositioned by more men than women
  8. One flew up my nose when I was about 8 years old. Never sniff as you are cycling along. It hung on for grim death in my nasal cavity as I tried to repeatedly blow out whatever it was up my nose. There was no pain, but I can tell you... Earwigs can fart the most foul smelling gas/liquid when stressed.
  9. Pretty much what @Napoleon Dynamite said "the kid needs help", that could be a stern word or some education that you shouldn't be 'creepy'. And nobody on the thread has disagreed. I think, we all (like you) think the prosecution is an overreaction, however. When I was at Uni I managed to create an opportunity to walk a girl I fancied the pants off into Uni one day. The route was through a little used park. we walked past a chap on a seat and as we did he said hello to the girl and we paused, she said hello and he whipped out his todger. I was a bit taken aback. We carried on walking and she said he is there every day and he always says "hello" to me. She was as blind as a bat without her glasses to correct her long sight. just over 30 years ago
  10. And certainly don't shag her or marry her