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  1. Hopeful

    Bull terriers, they're so sweet. Anyone can have one.

    Presumably, because they were married and she has a British passport and now they have a child ? She was clearly used by the family as no more than a tool for the cousin to come to the UK. Woman are just low status objects. The cousins should divorce and he should be sent back to Pakistan as he has no children here and certainly before they have a heathy child at considerable NHS expense via PGD. I expect the cousins will stay married and the NHS will provide PGD, which in the long run will probably be cheaper for us than the cost of NHS care for a succession of short-lived disabled kids conceived until they hit the 1:4 jackpot by chance.
  2. Hopeful

    tres fooked

    There was a woman that I was once so pleased for their personal success at something that I gave them a spontaneous hug, I'd have done the same to a bloke, even though I don't generally hug people. Was I wrong to do so ? I once smacked a bloke on the head who fouled up because he didn't listen to me, I doubt I'd have done that to a woman. Am I a sexist bastard ?
  3. Hopeful

    Barely functioning alcoholic

    Yep, none so blind as those who do not want to see
  4. Hopeful

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I think I'd like to be a refugee from the UK and the EU. What would be the reaction if I pitched up in Tasmania as a refugee from tyranny?
  5. Hopeful

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    Have you just had a Butcher's
  6. Hopeful

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    Gosh, you, and all your jokes, you're such a wig
  7. Hopeful

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I agree with the protective streak but caveat emptor I'd control my protective streak as @swiss_democracy_for_all said run, and when you think you have run far enough, run some more
  8. Hopeful

    Aw, nice. Flash mob singing.

    Glad to hear that they clearly weren't gentlemen.
  9. Hopeful

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Still on track for No Deal, with any luck
  10. Hopeful

    Aw, nice. Flash mob singing.

    Yawn Why does it have to be a 'flash mob' They'd get much better engagement if it was more formal
  11. Hopeful

    Bull terriers, they're so sweet. Anyone can have one.

    all dogs are animals and should be treated as such, and their instincts understood as are humans
  12. Hopeful

    Bull terriers, they're so sweet. Anyone can have one.

    That dog can never be trusted
  13. Hopeful

    Jacob Rees-Mogg

    I think there are a few working class warriors with chips on their shoulder that see an opportunity to ferment middle class, generally nouveau-riche kids who are looking to appropriate other people's causes in order to express their self-righteous indignation because they are seeking a purpose in life. (Phew, that sentence needs some punctuation upon re-reading.) I'd imagine that most people associated with any of the 'debates' that attract their attention, whatever their position, just wish these people would fuck off.