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  1. Oh, fuck off the lot of you, just fuck off. Fuck off Caroline, consensually of course, and fuck off Adam, consensually too, because deep down you do like Trump you virtue signalling twat.
  2. I'm disappointed I thought that Eric Cantona, a penis and an egg would have appeared on this thread by now (Deleted from Twitter, it's now on Instagram)
  3. yes was my reference too obscure ?
  4. Well, hardly surprising, it was a pitched roof
  5. Under normal circs I'd think this a childish snub by a leader, but while still a shame, it is no less than the cunts in Westmonster deserve Of course, not wanting to be snubbed, the childish cunts will probably now invite him I'd hope Trump would say that his plans can't be changed
  6. The museum needs to be Boycotted I'll get me coat
  7. Ha, thought the same i went to look and decided not to download it, simply because I have never played any computer games and don't want to get sucked in (Well, I have played Pac Man on an Apple power mac, Lemmings on a Motorola Starmax and Solitaire on a few PCs)
  8. I find Twitter useful on many levels. Firstly, education, I use it for public outreach and to influence. But Twitter extends to education in all its meanings If it weren't for Twitter we wouldn't know who the cunts among us are It's also especially amusing (and useful) to see who is shouting into a vacuum, particularly when they think they are movers and shakers and their Tweets and Replies are so erudite.
  9. Why would you want to get rid of it ? It's lovely and doesn't last long
  10. Lavender cuttings. Need to grub out my lavender this year and replace with fresh. The shoots on the bushes are just right. Pulled off a load of shoots each with a heel and poked them in the soil. They root easily. The original bushes all came from cuttings from the local supermarket.
  11. Surprised his state visit hasn't got a mention I might just get a bumper sticker
  12. I thought you missed the buried joke in the original tweet calling the Sri Lankan group the INTJ ENFPs can see the funny side most of the types, probably I'm most certainly INTJ
  13. It's clear that you aren't an ENFP