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  1. Hopeful

    Owen Jones

    Others would seem to agree Revealed: Naked prof Dr Victoria Bateman - linked to a sex discrimination case involving city high-flyer husband High-flier's sex discrimination claim: Lawyer who objected to boss showing off his wife's nude portrait says firm disliked 'assertive and forthright women'
  2. Hopeful

    Owen Jones

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I find men more attractive
  3. Hopeful

    Fucking RSPCA...

    Can't stand being at home. Really can't. I don't have a home, I have a building where we live. Usually, I'm out during many of the daylight hours either at sea or on the coast or at the lab. Been off for a week indoors looking after a parent at their 'home' and it's doing my head in.
  4. Hopeful

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

  5. Hopeful

    The Big Barry Bonanza Boycott the Bastards Thread

    When you look at the ingredients list on some branded foods, the unbranded are better IMO. I don't buy this muck but my parents do Ambrosia Devon custard, 40p/100g Skimmed Milk, Buttermilk, Modified Starch, Palm Oil, Whey (Milk), Natural Flavouring, Colours (Curcumin, Annatto), Total Milk content 73% Sainsbury's custard 23p/100g Reconstituted Skimmed Cows' Milk Powder, Water, Sugar, Cream (Cows' Milk), Modified Potato Starch, Skimmed Cows' Milk Powder, Flavouring, Beta-carotene, Paprika Extract.
  6. Hopeful

    Owen Jones

    Obvously, he is pushing an agenda. A wrong agenda. He's stupid.
  7. Hopeful

    Fucking RSPCA...

    Perhaps they might be OK if they stuck to stately homes. But otherwise, the National Trust is that elitist quango that gets left bits of coastline and countryside to reduce people's death duties and then buys up other blocks to fill in the gaps. They then stick parking meters on every patch that can act as a ransom strip to access, charging to access places where it had been free for decades previously. (They also seem to have a passion for banning people from camping overnight.). Hardly empowering people to access the countryside. They can fekk orf. I really do hate them. Outside stately homes, the National Trust act like land-owning cunts. Curently, they also seem to have a mission to rip out styles on footpaths (an aspect of English heritage) and relpace them with metal mesh gates, presumably for better disabled access, even when these gates are in places that f you weren't abled you would never be able to reach the style in the first place. I think they have too much money. The only uspide is watching the sort of people that pay NT subs, enabling them to buy land, slaving away gorse cutting or rebuilding a dry stone wall on an activity course while their NT Rangers minders watch them idly with their arms folded across their chests.
  8. Provided the shifts were reasonable with good time off, yep, I'd work there for a year or two just for the wildlife and scenery; people already pay shed lodas of $$$ to visit. One disappointment for poor people like me is that the Falkland Is and South Georgia, have become a rich man's tourist destination much like the Galapagos.
  9. @The Masked Tulip Thinking about it a bit, and given the quality and amount of ISIS video production, ISIS may have had a shit load of Apple hardware in their editing suite. I wonder if the chair was part of the package, a gratuity ?
  10. Hopeful

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    yes, it's another welcome distraction
  11. Hopeful


    What's not to like (other than she's a bit batty)
  12. Hopeful

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    He has a lot of zen-like followers. The one thing that is starting to shake them is Corbyn's lack of support for a 'people's vote', or any glimmer of a pro-EU stance. Unfortunately, they're unshaken by all the other stuff that is loathsome about him.
  13. Hopeful

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    I think this TIG is an irrelevance, but I'm very happy that it is another time-wasting distraction in the run-up to March 29th
  14. Hopeful

    Owen Jones

    That sentence contains a non-sequitur
  15. Intriguing logo on the chair I wonder how that got to a refugee camp ?