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  1. Could easily, give a new meaning to the two finger gesture Jockeys trying to talk to him or take the piss out of him, while he's taking a call from an owner "Just give me two minutes, and I'll be with you" The press reporting has been pure shock jock stuff.
  2. Yep, and a coward's way too, using a gun. There is an argument that 'hunting' (although how the hell it can be called hunting), brings money into the economy and the animal also won't have been a 'wild' one. I understand those arguments and it's a sad reality I don't like. I'd sooner see the money coming in for just watching them and learning about them. Having said that, I've eaten zebra, wildebeest, kudu, so why not bring money in while shooting them for food? Personally, I wouldn't sell animals lives in that way however, as no pleasure should be gained from an animal's death
  3. "I'm on the phone to Pfizer, it was the bloody second booster again"
  4. Photo was taken a year ago It's only just been leaked, two weeks before some big meetings One thought is that it has been leaked out of rivalry to scupper his Cheltenham entries. Person that took it could easily be working for another rival yard now, might have left voluntarily or been sacked "ooh, I remember, I've got a photo on my phone"
  5. As I posted, I was thinking the same. I think it's a bit psychologically deeper though. As a kid, all the other kids were getting exciting presents, whereas I was always 'disappointed'. So, I prefer not to be disappointed. You can't be disappointed with a pair of socks if that's what you want at that moment in time. But you can be disappointed with the wrong present.
  6. As a kid, presents were always clothes, often school clothes. Any toys I had to save up for and buy myself, or make the majority contribution if I could persuade the grandparents to take pity on me Best present, was a few years ago. After enduring years of expensive tat, the GF finally, just bought me 4 pairs of hiking socks one Xmas. It was what I wanted, what I needed, not too expensive, and so it was the perfect present, ever. I don't think there was a subliminal message I have learned to never comment that I 'like anything', such as "That's a nice painting", because I lear
  7. I don't think any animals are there to serve a purpose for us, that's one of the big problems I have with Christianity I don't see them as created because the ultimate plan was for humans and so the grand planner created animals for our food, our fun or our transport. I see that attitude as simply sanctioning abuse or making abuse 'comfortable'. But we are a top animal and all animals exploit those below them in some way. My personal goal is to treat every animal as I'd like to be treated myself, if I were that animal. Whether I get that right, is another matter.
  8. My interpretation The horse is on the gallops and so would have been ridden by a jockey The trainer will have probably been watching to assess the horses' fitnesses This horse collapses and dies. Trainer comes across to verify death perhaps, sits on animal while he phones the yard for a tractor to remove it Someone quips "Look, the gaffers actually sitting on a horse for once" Black humour Caption: 'new work rider this morning"
  9. But he's the trainer, in the office for much of the day, the stable lads/girls that care for the animals will love each of their horses.
  10. My bete noir is any use of animals for humour in films or the gratuitous loss of life, such as the slaughter of a chicken for storytelling or shock. It's a very strong bete noir, too I won't watch or I will switch off films that include such scenes, and I have been known to walk out of a cinema, in the distant past when I visited such places - which is over 30 years ago now. The horse photo though, looks bad, but I can't get worked up about it. I guess we all have different triggers.
  11. Cruel? There is an injury toll and a death toll. And every one is a tragedy and there are cruel and bad practices to outlaw, just like showjumping had its bad practices, such as lifting poles. I've only ever known racehorses and most seem to enjoy 'work', physically and mentally alert. The cruelest treatment of horses IMO are those that are pets, owned and ridden just once or twice a week and left for the rest of the time to stand bored, and they are bored witless, in a small square field. They might look well looked after but it's cruelty. A horse exercised hard daily for taken
  12. We shouldn't be so immediately, sensitive, but instead should be more practical.
  13. ? https://www.edgarjerome.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/jockey-425x425.jpg
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