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  1. Little snitches

    I'm rying to work out where the snitch is, I'm probably being a bit thick here I assume the snitch is whomsoever told the person 'up the food chain' that the off the record discussion took place? Should the discussion have even taken place, wthout the person being discussed knowing, if not on the agenda ? I know it's human nature 'n all. Will the person have the right to reply ?
  2. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    What about if the daughter wanted to kill her father? Or the Father wanted to kill his daughter ? After all, that would leave just one Skripal standing
  3. End of cash

    I find the UK to be incredibly claustrophobic now. It feels like I am in a vice. In the UK I feel I am probably labelled as a non-conformist, but I feel I'd just be an individual in other countries.
  4. Who do you think actually did it then?

    I believe everything is for show. If definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay Putin was responsible for Skripal's predicament then definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay Putin will have calculated the UK's token response, which was a few diplomats and a clamp down on Russian funny money in London, the latter clampdown was already underway and definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay Putin probably cares little about it as this money is mainly belonging to people who are out of favour. And does definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay Putin really care if a team that regularly fails in the World Cup does not participate, where in any case the UK has more to lose than Russia. If definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay Putin wasn't responsible, the UK government will have calculated that being painted the bad guy won't worry definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay Putin, the expulsion of 23 diplomats wont worry definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay Putin, and definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay Putin's tit for tat won't worry the UK. Whomsoever is responsible, the fallout I'm sure is all for show without any substance and all will return to normal soon Ken Clarke had some interesting comments about the Russian Funny Money on Any Questions, R4 Friday Listen from 7'.04"
  5. Who do you think actually did it then?

    And there we go, So another contradicton reveals more bollocks being spoken, (can someone also tell him its Skripal and not Skipral) Like George's rant, the whole debacle is full of holes, the method of the clean-up is holey, the cause of the poisonng is holey, the counter measures are holey. To anyone with an ounce of intelligence the Government looks ignorant of the facts and a fool, unless tkhe Government knows precisely what is going on and it is not as they want to protraying it. Based upon a lack of evidence, the post parsimonious explanation is that the Russians did it, but there could be more most parsimonious explanations without a doubt.
  6. Tommy punches a migrant in Italy

    Yes, and that is up to UKIP, they have it all to play for though.
  7. Tommy punches a migrant in Italy

    And let's face it, people like to back a winner and will trust someone who has shown they will deliver UKIP have shown they are capable of both and so could capitalise on the good will
  8. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    That's a very good personal profile
  9. Tommy punches a migrant in Italy

    There is only one issue at the moment It's a desire to be British, to get Britain back. UKIP solved the first step which was the EU argument for the public, the public said we want Brexit. (Doesn't mean they'll get it, of course) The next step for people is to sort out home You could call this nostalgia, but you can't call it what Cable called it, a desire to be Pink, White, Blue. It's rather a desire to be red, white and blue, where that means tolerance and fair play, and surprisingly, multicultural providing that's not a one way street So UKIP could give people the opportunity to finish the job. It will of course also include a fairer economy. So, as I said in the thread about Vince Cable, We oldies have had enough of you VINCE and your ilk, you cunts And we want something better for us and the under 25s There isn't any party offering a choice at the moment. It needs a party without a manifesto.
  10. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I would never do anything social with work colleagues. I'd be totally pleasant at work and help anyone, and I'd do the job, but after work drinks on a Friday, voluntary away days, Christmas parties, summer bbqs? No thank you. Once the bell rings I'm using the profits of my work to enjoy myself, and that's not buying a round of drinks for work colleagues or wasting my time with them. Of course that labeled me as aloof and unsociable and it always created a rumour-mill and eventually some animosity. So be it. I always thought this was jealousy as few doing the group-think social thing were ever happy doing it; they'd all rather have been somewhere else.
  11. A greens guide to frugal living

    He lives in a bubble and the system enables it without anyone saying NO. Blair was in his own bubble of yes men too Charles could be a private citizen if he wishes as he has brothers and sisters, and perhaps he should be. But, there are lots of bubbles in the country, an aristocracy bubble, a Westminster bubble, a Pikey bubble. It's difficult to understand any of them from outside. That's the only slack I'd cut him as his actions according to the article are egregious and counter to the work on sustainability that he promotes, and out of touch and ignorant of the citizens he may one day represent. A hypocrite. I assume Charles, understandably, hates his controlled life so much that he has decided 'fuck it', I'm going to use my privilege as I want. And if suddenly, on one sunny weekend among may rainy ones, he feels like sitting in his High Grove garden where there are no slugs, then he probably thinks "why the fuck should I go to someone's dinner I don't want to go to anyway". Unlike me, he has duties and so he doesn't have the luxury of not accepting any invites in case it turns out sunny. I keep my diary completely clear of party invites. I've worked with a few Royals and, although I guess the following will raise eyebrows, Andrew and Anne are the best of the older children. I would share Charles' desire to never fly with British Airways, who offer the most consistently awful flying experience, IMO
  12. Who do you think actually did it then?

    Russian state Although I would not be surprised to learn otherwise, And having said that, I don't think our government has any clue about the poisoning method or, who did it. I thought that Ken Clarke was sensible and persuasive on R4's Any Questions last night on two questions, i) Russian money in London and ii) did the Russians do it, worth a listen. Any Questions If it was the Russian state, then definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay Putin will have calculated beforehand the reaction, the expulsion of diplomats etc, and he will be happy with the 'token gesture' price. The tit for tat has happened and I assume that the issue is resolved. I think the matter is probably settled, or at least I hope so.
  13. Tommy punches a migrant in Italy

    Precisely, and Pearson, who I think is a 'naughty boy in the closet' wants people in UKIP with sharp pitch forks and hard fists because he doesn't fancy doing the real dirty work himself.