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  1. Hopeful

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    People focus on transport and often overlook the complete reliance of agriculture on petrochemicals from diesel fuel to fertiisers to pesticides to food shipment, which supports billions of people.
  2. Hopeful

    Free beer tomorrow. If we have any

    We should conserve helium, We certainly shouldn't put it in party balloons
  3. Hopeful

    Suspect package explosion Tube

    Was it a drill ?
  4. Hopeful

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    FFS, listen to me, don't come here Sara. There are lots of things I'd like to have been, but TPTB in this country fucked most of them over.
  5. Hopeful

    Another Shipman?

    I thought that AI already was nearly there, Dr types patient's symptoms into Google and Google replies with some probable illnesses. Dr asks you your age and decides that given your age it's cheaper to choose indigestion over bowel cancer You die from bowel cancer
  6. Hopeful

    Jams and preserves

    Our ice cream maker bowl is full of something in the freezer, runner beans I think.
  7. Hopeful

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    Bought some potted herbs on yellow label reduced each at 0.09p each yesterday. Now all the seedlings are divided and potted up in planters in the garden.
  8. Hopeful

    Jams and preserves

    We make Rumtopf This is a good book too Ices - Definitive guide esp the rhubarb crumble ice cream. This is the best designed home ice cream maker IMO as, unlike in other brands, it is the bowl that turns and not the paddle, and so it churns until the ice cream is set, which is long after other types sieze because the mix has got too stiff.
  9. Hopeful

    Suspect package explosion Tube

    If it's a second offence he'll be recharged
  10. Hopeful

    My Word! Average household monthly spend

    What if they spend £5 on jeans but £2k on a piece of work kit that helps separate them from the rest that pay £200 for a cheaper less capable version. or £5 on jeans, but £500 on some lobster pots to get a fresh supper. I don't think it's virtue sigalling, it's just dfferent priorities. Material things that don't add value to me, have no value to me.
  11. Hopeful

    Jams and preserves

    We eat probaby 50%, gets stored in tupperware in the fridge, but GF is a chef, so other people also help out But the lemon curd went down the drain. But at an average of 20-30p a jar it's cheaper than buying jars, for example Lakeland where 12 jars cost about £10 and you get beetroot
  12. Hopeful

    Films to depress the f**k out of you

    Palindrones The most disturbing film I have watched. Totally unprepared for what it was. A very bizarre and disturbing film.
  13. Hopeful

    Jams and preserves

  14. Hopeful

    Jams and preserves

    Does elderflower turkish delight fit into this thread. First time we've made it and I reckon we already have a year's supply. Top tip: Supermarket 'basic' pickled beetroot is a good source of jam jars, although we did chuck away loads of lemon curd one year when it was buy 1 get 1 free, which worked out at 15p per jar. Too much of Bread and butter pickle, cucumber relish, picalilli, marrow, runner bean, and tomato chutneys, tomato sauce, blackberry and elderberry, strawberrry, raspberry, blackcurrant, gooseberry and plum jams, blackberry, crab apple, crab apple and sage, crab apple and mint jellies. We bought another freezer, far too much road kill, seafood, and fruits that we didn't make into jam.
  15. Hopeful

    Doing it for the kids ....

    I must have a very warped mind - that just conjured up the image of vibrators in a duracel-like battery test scene in an Electric Blue film that we watched as kids along with the French teacher in the school lecture theatre back in the 80's It was an interesting time to be at school.