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  1. Electric cars are just not possible with our current infrastructure and are incredibly expensive to keep running compared to Ice cars. Our cost of electricity is around half the these examples in the video below, but we can already see the increased taxes coming for electric cars, through indirect taxation such as 'cost per mile driven' as has been mentioned recently or just increased tax take on electricity in general, they have a massive gap to make up from highly taxed fuel changing into lower taxed electricity. 10 Miles on average 'burnt' every night just to keep
  2. Sure but he's never done this before, he is good friends with Alex. Why would he not have asked for facts beforehand? He's brought 50 pages that each time he tries to hand it to Joe or Jamie he just gets ignored and has to put it back down in front of him after an awkward 15 seconds. He has done multiple shows with Alex before, it has never been anything like this. Also that doesn't explain Kanye, 0 fact checking on some equally crazy statements.
  3. They already are controlling his content, there are a few 'controversial' episodes just not on Spotify. Then we have the latest podcast, which has Alex Jones. There is constant fact checking and changing of topics, completely different show to any before. He had Kanye West on the other day, loads of crazy stuff being talked about yet no facts checked. And for the first time ever we hear someone behind the scenes telling someone to relax? Either Spotify have a hand in this or Joe has started self regulating himself recently.
  4. I hope you're all ready for continuous Lockdowns, they're already getting us ready for it. Remember when it was just two weeks to flatten the curve? How many months ago was this? https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/second-fire-break-wales-likely-19162353
  5. My partners sister works for a large hotel chain in Cardiff. The Welsh police at the border stopped and sent back.. A lorry carrying a delivery of frozen meat for the hotel... They honestly have no idea what they are doing. And while all this is going on, those employed by the Welsh gov are giving each other bonuses for 'going above and beyond'. Listening in on these meetings is INCREDIBLY infuriating, couple thousand £ given out each time while I've lost my job due to their incompetence.
  6. Wales is going to be decimated after this is over, not that there was much economic activity there beforehand. I wonder how many amazon shares drakeford and his cronies have?
  7. Saw this on telegram, it gave me a chuckle. Following the beheading of a teacher in France last week for showing pictures of muhammed with his arse out. Somebody put up hundreds of pictures of muhammed arse around a Muslim populated area over night, the triggering is immense.'
  8. Bullshit video, that is just an NFC tag, they cost pennies and all they can do is trigger something if you scan it. E.g. Put one next to your bed, touch phone to it when you go to sleep and your alarm is set and phone goes silent. Last time I checked it needed Tasker to do anything worthwhile with NFC tags and... Just leave NFC turned off on your phone unless you are using it, the same as Bluetooth and wifi etc It would be near impossible to get your phone to transmit any information to them via nfc tag without you confirming it on your phone, why would they have it open maps
  9. Yet the average age of death is over 80. Watch the video, many countries had a much lower death rates the previous flu season, meaning many people are now alive that would usually have already died. Any countries that didn't have lower death rates the previous flu season surprisingly have no real increase in death rates. Isnt it also very odd that the influenza and respiratory patterns have the same amount of deaths as every other year yet we have had massive Lockdown and masks... Also how the cases on every single chart matches the general influenza pattern, dep
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