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  2. Parry


    . . . and had a threescore involving a greased gerbil.
  3. Parry


    This is a naughty thread.
  4. Get a caravan. It's so bad now, globally, I'd struggle to buy in Thailand! Glad I built four houses here years ago and have the farm, which is now pretty big. We grow our own veg and chickens. Still doesn't stop The Big Angry spending 600 quid in Makro.
  5. Shrivelled beyond the blue pill. Okay for urination.
  6. Is all this to keep shirt lifters happy? I don't understand.
  7. Diabetes old boy. That and age and a growing sense of responsibility.
  8. Schools no longer teach maths and English, only what it feels like to be a woman in a mans body. It is rumoured this is what the German secret service did with Edward Heath, little boys 'n all that.
  9. Done that, three actually, but that was years ago when I could get it up. One of them might have been a bloke however, not sure. Life has been much simpler since the on set of erectile dysfunction.
  10. Thank you, thank you wery mush! Ginny has brought you a puppy . . .
  11. Call the Samaritans . . . . If you're feeling depressed and have suicidal thoughts