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  1. The thing is with the masks is that they are going to create health issues. How many people do you see wearing mucky old masks and touching them all the time ? When you breath in and out the masks are restricting this, would you stand in a closed garage with a car engine running ? I have worked on high risk sites with proper PPE. The masks are like a child's blanket, gripping them for a feeling of security. The thing is with Covid 19 that nobody knows what to believe, as no Governments are trustworthy. Now everybody dies of Covid and nothing else !
  2. The masks are just for control ! I have worked in Engineering and Construction Environments and had to wear proper PPE. A mask made out of rags, what a load of crap. The whole Covid Scam is just to control us, keep us muzzled like dogs. Well now I only go into shops I really need to, people are now terrified, the look of fear on peoples faces ! The BBC have a lot to answer for, propagating the lies. It always amazes me when they say the BBC are trustworthy ? Two words connected with BBC, Jimmy Saville ! Well were getting nearer to a Police State everyday, what will Doris announce next ?
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