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  1. The pictures of queues on Everest blew me away a bit this week, it no longer looks like man’s greatest challenge.. more like queuing for a sun lounger at the pool on a package holiday Am I just getting old and cynical, or does that look more like the queue for the Sistine Chapel than “man vs the wilderness”?
  2. He couldn’t, they were proffered by Manning. Wilileaks just did what it does.. leak whistleblown information in the public interest. Exposing allied war crimes might be considered public interest. Clearly the US / UK govt disagree.
  3. Exactly the same with Enid Blyton. I believe Harry Potter is the same as well though admittedly I’ve never read it.
  4. Know the story (wouldn't have recognised the author).. but only because we read it to the kids occasionally. It's pretty average amongst children's books.. and that's not really saying much when so many of them are unbelievably sh1t. Particularly the modern ones.
  5. The irony is that these people consider their adversaries ill-educated, violent, noninclusive extremists. Funny how both extremes of the political bell curve are actually so similar.
  6. They simply don't seem to give a sh1t. Not surprising for Lab and Con as they will get their asses handed to them.. so they have already taken their balls home and said "we're not playing anyway". Surprised Libdems haven't made more of an effort given that they seem to have become the default anti-brexit party and could really use a kick-ass result to show they have even the slightest relevance anymore. All of them were afraid to share a platform/hustings with CB, and in fact, and only Farage, CB and TR were prepared to risk a milkshake in the face in the name of democracy. None of the others deserve any votes IMHO.
  7. Libspero

    Just for fun

    BP 33 CON 7 CUK 5 + Unexpected win for TR
  8. In this day and age if we should be teaching anything at school about religion it is simply that anyone following any religion is either mentally incapacitated or a cultist. We are supposed to be living in the post enlightenment era ffs !
  9. Libspero

    Topless tits

    This is a self selecting group of people doing something seemingly on a beach away from most other people (not that I know the area at all, but it looks reasonably remote on google maps). It's young adults going a bit wild. Nobody has died. They've had a few drunken punch-ups. I'd be inclined just to let them get on with it provided nobody actually gets killed.
  10. Purely anecdotally, I’ve never had a problem with Barclays.. it is interesting to hear other people have had quite negative experiences. I have never found them particularly competitively priced for anything.. and their trading account fees are astronomical now (although I notice Hargreaves seem to have similarly increased their pricing in that area so perhaps it’s a broader market problem).
  11. Libspero

    Topless tits

    And nobody pulled a knife? Clearly not in the UK then..
  12. +1 I sometimes worry my wife might read what I write on the forum too
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    Flying Kites

    IMHO Rutland was a typical victim of people trying to improve it. When it was a forgotten backwater hidden in the outer reaches of Leicestershire it was a beautiful quiet rural area. Then it became Rutland and got its own council and people set about making it "better". It was all downhill from there, including the "improved" cycling route around Rutland water attracting the aforementioned middle aged MAMILs. I used to sail a Topper on Rutland water as a kid, and usually there were barely more than a handful of other people out on the water. No doubt it is all quite different now. Yours and Pins bit is still quite nice in Northamptonshire (Corby excepted), but no doubt little will survive the slow march of progress.
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    Flying Kites

    You mean Corby I grew up near Uppingham.. nice part of the world around there. Enjoy
  15. Libspero

    Flying Kites

    What are you doing over there in Britain’s smallest county Mr P? business or pleasure?