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  1. I’d say more marketing promotion than documentary.. but still pretty good
  2. This may be a silly question, but do you actually have to renew it when it expires, or can you just wait until the next time your car tax is due?
  3. Really? Decades of Labour councillors meant spending on diversity and vanity projects rather than decent roads and infrastructure. Unless it has changed a lot recently, or you are actually talking about rural Leicestershire.. it was one of the worst cities I've lived near.
  4. If they did that within their own boarders and didn't appear to be actively antagonising.. I would completely agree.
  5. To be fair, I agree with then in terms of how they treat their neighbours, antagonistic expansion of their boarders etc.. they do appear to act with complete contempt for their neighbours while continually playing the victim. That said, it is important that what Israel does as a state isn't conflated with "Jews" in general. I'm sure there are Jews that are critical of Israeli foreign policy too. Conflating criticism of Israel with antisemitism does seem to have become a thing though. I guess it is a good way to silence dissenters.
  6. Knowing none of what actually happened, to my judgement it would depend a lot on what was said and how it was done. If you are young with no options except working in a chicken factory, being flown around the world and mixing with celebrities might be quite an attractive proposition. I imagine the threat was probably "if you don't want to hook up with them then we'll just put you on a plane back to whence you came". Unless you are aware of any girls literally being thrown out on their ear ? It'll be interesting to hear what comes out.. my suspicion is that people/press will presume the worst, when actually, these things usually form much more organically and not usually with malice involved.
  7. Ok, I stand corrected in that case.. that's definitely questionable. If they were actually being expected to provide sexual services at that age that's pretty indefensible. If they were serving the drinks.. that's a bit different, but I'm sure it will come out in the extensive media coverage over the next 12 months.
  8. To me the interest in this case is something of a mystery.. I presume it is the sex and celebrity factor. I may be wrong, but it isn't at all obvious to me that this was some form of paedophile ring, which is what the media representation seems to be. It seems to be about procuring "high class" prostitutes/willing-ladies for the rich and wealthy as a small part in a larger theme of making money from mixing with the social elite by organising exclusive social functions and holiday escapes. Their crimes seem to be: 1 ) Not properly age vetting all the ladies (one was 17 ?) 2 ) Questionable means by which the ladies were procured (coercion ? ) I'm not sure there is any reason to think the people who went knew or expected the girls were underage or coerced. I'm pretty sure this sort of thing must go on all over the world.. this only seemingly became a "thing" because it happened in the US. Which is ironic given the scale of their pron industry. Am I way off the mark ?
  9. BBC now distancing themselves from black lives matter. Interesting.
  10. Na.. it’s just a slightly pathetic attempt to appease BLM, it’s one of the things they’ve been screeching about ever since they had to justify their “defund the police” policy. 500k is just enough that it sounds like a lot.. and little enough that it’s easy for central government to give away. In reality it will pay for 10 jobs, take 10 (presumably BAME) people off the dole and 50% will go straight back to the government in tax anyway. What will those 10 people do? Who knows.. I doubt the government do, I doubt they particularly care. Probably try to encourage all the gangstas to get into rapping or something. As long as they can talk a couple of lads into it, the BBC will be able to run a nice little human interest documentary on it then the whole thing will quietly be canned.
  11. Why do all the roughest places have the most overly romanticised names? I think the next place we buy will be on a street called “the slum”.. it’ll probably be the poshest part of town
  12. My thoughts had similarly wandered to a film shoot call “Libspero and the seven dwarfs”.. Dirty, filth, horny, kinky, bendy and stretchy. Grumpy can do the dishes. The Libster is ready for lurv..
  13. Dream house would be something remote, but modest looking, either near a beach or in a woodland area. There would be a wood panelled study, with obligatory secret door to a staircase taking you downstairs to an entire subterranean hidden floor. Here there would be an old worldly drinks cellar, a fairly large marble swimming pool area and another large library / study. I will obviously NEVER have this.. but it would be my dream house.
  14. To those saying it’s a lot.. bear in mind that’s only the difference between the UK population in 2013 and the UK today. We grow by a million every 2 to 3 years anyway.. all immigration. Which isn’t a positive, quite the opposite.. but it puts it in perspective. Of all the immigration we discuss though, this seems fairest. They are British citizens, it used to be a British island.. they have more claim than most.