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  1. As soon as we accept the money would continue just as before.. it was all part of the transition arrangement
  2. Isn’t Boris speaking to the EU leaders at the moment? If he can convince them the only way they can end this is to agree on the technicality that kicks us out and forces our hand to accept the deal without further delay.. wouldn’t that be attractive to them? Do the EU really want this dragging on for another 3 / 6 / 12 / 24 / 36 / 48... months while parliament go endlessly around in circles and the German economy continues to tank?
  3. I think my biggest objection is the precedent it sets. A lot of young lads are already afraid half to death of trying to court the opposite sex. What sort of message does it send out if they’re being told they’ll get 2 years in jail for trying to kiss a girl? Next TPTB will be complaining about the rise in INCELS and jump in mental health problems .. for which no doubt acts of escapism like video games will be conveniently blamed.
  4. The Scottish courts in particular do have form for making poor judgements.. like convicting Dankula for videoing his dog doing a hitler impression for a joke on Facebook.
  5. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happened here.. Court playing up for the crowd. I hope I’m wrong btw.. I would much rather think the CJS is doing a good job. Perhaps it is one of those freakishly rare events where the media have completely under sensationalised the story and omitted all of the juiciest bits.
  6. This seems the “offence” the judge took most exception to. Hardly worth 2 years in prison for trying to kiss someone. Even if he is a complete bellend. You do wonder what planet the judges live on sometimes..
  7. I read that, although it should be noted that neither were under age.
  8. Talked / pressured girls into having sex with him. At least that's all that's been reported. Perhaps others know more.. and yes, it seems a bit extreme.
  9. Agreed, although the courts ultimately never assumed executive power rather than forcing Boris to send their letter. So as far as I can tell, technically he could still do it, and if he did it on the 30th/31st.. what time would the supreme court have to over rule it? Even if they did, it would be too late, we would have left.. or, if they tried to agree with the EU to make it retrospective they would struggle to do that in the chaos of Boris presenting his bill again and saying.. "so just pass it then you b****ds!" The EU would have no incentive to agree to the supreme court's retrospective actions because, assuming they were in on it, they would know parliament would be forced to accept their deal, avoiding any further delay, and they would come out of it looking like the good guys (which seems very important to them).
  10. I’m disappointed Boris isn’t planning to just force parliaments hand by forcing a No Deal.. albeit probably very briefly. Seemed like a perfect solution: Boris declares extension request void because as the executive he didn’t request it. Europe say, we don’t want it, we’re the nice guys, but our hands are tied. We leave for all of 2 days before parliament rush through Boris’ deal. We basically leave with his deal.. the EU get what they want, there’s no more uncertainty, and then we just get on with it. Seemed a perfect solution.
  11. Don’t fancy their chances.. Labour have had quite a high (albeit obstructive) presence in the parliamentary debates.. the Lib Dem’s have only been conspicuous by their relative silence. They may be enough to split the labour vote, but they certainly won’t wipe the floor with them.
  12. I think you are being a bit naughty Frank.. Average life expectancy in the UK is 81, we are still supporting people for the last 15 years of their life. If you want to increase that, I would argue it would be better to give it to the young.. £8k a year for every 18 year old for 3 years.. go travelling, have fun etc while they are still young enough to enjoy it. Benefits is a separate issue. I don’t see any reason to conflate it with pensions.
  13. I would view it as a warning.. this is what happens if countries allow religion to define them and their policies. The hope of relegating religion to the history books is well overdue.. unfortunately people do so love tribalism.
  14. I think it depends which ones. As far as I can tell the Jews and Muslims and Israelis and Arabs in the Middle East have been at odds for so long they all hate each other totally and indiscriminately without bias or compassion. European ones of all flavours tend to be a bit more level headed.
  15. I get your basic sentiment, but I think that's a bit harsh. Why would people march for something they've already won, and have a government who have promised (despite agitation from the opposition) to deliver?