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  1. Libspero

    I've No More F**ks To Give..

    Yes.. I don't know why I said that.. wishful thinking perhaps
  2. Libspero

    I've No More F**ks To Give..

    Thought some of you might appreciate this little number to round off the week.. Well it made me laugh..
  3. Indeed.. not wishing to be unfair to the guy but I doubt many footballers know the first thing about international tax law and setting up shell companies. He's been screwed over by some overzealous accountant who's promised to save him wads of cash.
  4. Libspero

    luxuary items

    That's slightly disingenuous.. Red meats are deemed mildly carcinogenic and have been linked to bowel cancer. However, smoking is still significantly more likely to kill you.
  5. Libspero

    DIY SOS - The big build

    Perhaps (as pure speculation), matey wasn't so much unwilling victim as unlucky participant in the skirmish?
  6. Libspero

    Boiler Insurance - con?

    Doubt it.. unless you have tenants
  7. Libspero

    Boiler Insurance - con?

    We got a Worcester Bosch one after our Alpha kept breaking down (not even that old.. the local boiler mechanic said it was a badly designed model from the off). The engineer who installed the WB said we needed to have it serviced every year otherwise the warranty would be void. I tend to work on the basis that insurance schemes very rarely pay out anyway and better to save the difference and put it towards a new boiler. I think I worked out after 10 years of not paying for an annual boiler "service" we could pay for a brand new one. Like others, very happy with the WB.
  8. Libspero

    Britains Biggest Burgalry

    Sure.. but you have to make someone like that well known enough in the first place before they are of enough public interest to make a scandal out of. Or perhaps I'm too cynical
  9. Libspero

    Britains Biggest Burgalry

    I would say the Mail are exactly the sort to build someone up so they can knock them down..
  10. Libspero

    Allah loo roll

    I don't understand where he's coming from.. When Christians used to find the face of god or blood of Jesus in an inexplicably unexpected place it would become a miracle or place of worshipped. Why do Muslims what to ban everything? I don't get it
  11. Libspero

    Hoax hate

    About 700 million..
  12. Libspero

    Guess whose house it is

    If it’s semi detached to the playboy mansion, yes. Otherwise, no.
  13. Libspero

    Hoax hate

    What are you talking about.. Mexico (and most of North America for that matter) is still full of them !
  14. Libspero

    Tablet Remorse

    Surprised you've had a bad experience unless it was something ultra cheap or you need to do serious work on it. I wouldn't dream of trying to work on a tablet (others may disagree), but just for handy web browsing / Youtube / videos / music / specialist apps etc.. you really can't beat a tablet. I don't get the apple love but each to their own.. personally after using a mid range android for a year I wouldn't go back to an ipad even if it were cheaper. I prefer the newer android interface, I like that they support micro-SD for moving stuff around and effectively unlimited storage.. I like that it has a proper file system, and you don't have to use iTunes EVER. apple has.. face time, that's about the only plus I can think of.