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  1. Is the mud clear? New MOT rules

    The logic was sort of sound based on the original point of having an MOT.. if it fails it has a serious fault and needs fixing. Latest test trumps any previous.. makes sense. That was when MOTs were about actual important things. It strikes me that this is probably just to catch out all the VW drivers who decided they didn't want to take their beloved car to the dealer to have the engine detuned. But perhaps I'm being overly cynical.
  2. If that is the case then the rebels have made a lot of ground. One was just on the outskirts of Damascus!
  3. A bit of a difference between killing families hiding from fighting in their basements using a gas attack, and killing a single ex-spy. They did attack Russia for that as well though. The difference when they attack Russia is that it is usually “soft” economic attacks designed to undermine Putin as opposed to just dropping a few bombs on them.
  4. I don't see any indication that the US or anyone else has the slightest interest in invading.. I think that's more paranio from the Russian side who worry the Americans might knock over their little apple cart. What the US have a problem with is letting people use chemical weapons on their own citizens, because if they let Assad do it and get away with it, every tin-pot African dictator will start doing the same thing. I think in a way the West is quite happy with what Russia and Assad are doing to get rid of ISIS. They WOULD like to see Assad replaced because of his human rights record and indiscriminate approach to clearing resistance.. again, I don't see thats anything they're prepared to go to war over.
  5. Not really, at least as I see it. If they weren’t chemical weapons factories then we’ve (well, the US) just spent a few hundred million bombing three empty buildings. It was a night time raid specifically to minimise civilian casualties. The way I see it they’ve either achieved absolutely nothing, or they have in fact just blown up three chemical weapons factories. Either way I can’t think it’s a big deal, especially if Assad has actually been liberally gassing opposition fighters and civilian families just because he can’t be assed to send proper troops in there to sort it out.
  6. Yes, that’s my understanding. They know the Russians only have a limited number so by bombing individual targets on bulk they know the Russians won’t respond because 1 ) they don’t have enough interceptor missiles and 2 ) even if they used them and got a 100% kill rate (when I think they are actually only meant to get about a 70% kill rate) it would still be seen that they had failed because the US would still have ended up hitting all their intended targets. So Russia is forced to sit on its guns for fear or looking impotent.
  7. Bit of a weak response really. But I suppose under the circumstances.. How difficult is it for Assad just to rebuild a couple of chemical weapons factories?
  8. Odds on war with Russia?

    There is a bit about it in this article here: but there was a more recent one that gave more detail. Apparently all ambulances carry atropine as part of the defence strategy against a terrorist nerve agent attack. If I find the article I’ll post it for you.
  9. At uni I shared a house with one lad who took bible study extremely seriously.. when the doorbell went it was like watching a preying Mantis pouncing on a cricket. Three hour interrogations were not uncommon..
  10. Odds on war with Russia?

    To be fair, this doesn’t seem as entirely implausible as it sounds. To be most effective, nerve agents need to be inhaled or ingested.. in this case they simply came into skin contact. Secondly, they were given an antidote (atropine) relatively quickly.. so that also significantly increased their chances of survival on top of having access all other medical treatment. Had either of these not been the case, then yes, they probably would be dead now.
  11. 'allo 'allo. you what

    The whole Nazi shock thing is decidedly boring now. Unless anyone alive still has a mother/father who was killed by them then there really is no offence worth listening to IMO. There were other equally bad people from history that nobody would give a stuff about anymore.. why is Hitler such a special currency? At this rate his immortality will outlive both Jesus and Santa Clause
  12. Stealth Taxes

    Massive incentive to booze cruise..
  13. Free bus travel for under 25s

    As long as not valid at rush hour I guess it doesn’t matter much. To be honest, why restrict it to certain ages? If you’re going to run a “free”** bus service just make it free for everyone at off peak hours. ** tax payer funded
  14. Cousins

    I never knew the cousins that well on my mums side.. all being from down Somerset way. On my dad's side I grew up seeing them quite regularly and am actually a bit disappointed that we don't really keep in touch any more. Again mainly a distance thing. On my dad's side two of his cousins got married.. seemed pretty happy and none of the kids got webbed feet