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  1. A lot of these scams ask you to press something.. what does that do ? Trigger some kind of premium charging mechanism or just put you through to the next level of the scam ?
  2. I don't have any strong feelings on sodomy one way or the other.. but primary is way too early to be teaching kids about adult relationships, if it is something that should even be taught in schools at all.
  3. Libspero

    New lap top

    If that’s the Dell Latitude from up thread, those are the stock company reps computers. Pretty bulletproof and reasonable spec. They get cycled frequently which is probably how they find their way onto sites like that for peanuts.. I’d say probably a great bargain. They usually run slow as business laptops because most corporates now insist of full disk encryption. As soon as you dump that crap those machines will run great for personal systems. The HDs May have taken a hammering though so back up well or consider pricing in a new HDD (or even better an SSD) from the off..
  4. Well, some of us complain Muslim communities bring only terrorism and third world values.. perhaps we can now agree they are bringing something positive? Good on them I say, I hope they continue to push for change across all of our schools in a way the rest of us aren’t able to because we are not a protected class in the eyes of the media.
  5. I was in Olso last week.. $30 for a burger and $15 for a small beer. No idea how that didn't make it onto the list !
  6. Utter, utter boll0x. If we insist on ever increasing our population for the "fantastic economic benefits" it affords us, then we simply need to start building desalination plants like every other over-populated sh1t hole in the world. Shaming people into living a third world existence when what we actually need to do is invest in the infrastructure needed to provide basic services is just a social authoritarians out of control wet dream. Yes desalination plants are expensive, and yes the cost of water would increase.. but limiting something that is abundantly available just because we don't want to invest in the required infrastructure is ridiculous. But they use bucket loads of electricity and we won't have enough because we are going green and need to power our homes and cars with that ? Well we have to reconcile green energy, subsistence living or a lower/sustainable population. Which is your priority?
  7. Libspero

    New lap top

    Unless that is what you are after.. in which case a Police auction of confiscated property is probably the place to start looking
  8. Libspero

    New lap top

    I find the very cheap laptops a false economy.. they tend to be really nasty both in terms of performance and build (at least that is my experience). If buying new I would go for something at least mid range (around £400/£500 mark), otherwise a tablet if you don't need to do a lot of work on it (around £200 android tablet would be perfect for everything you mentioned except DVDs - particularly recommend Huawei Mediapad M3 10 lite - you could convert all your DVDs to MP4 and stick them on a 128gb flash drive to watch on your tablet). Otherwise secondhand /reconditioned laptop. Reconditioned probably best.. less of a gamble.
  9. Nothing helpful to add.. just want to say good luck, sounds like a great adventure. Italy’s beautiful in the right places..
  10. I imagine I'd emigrate long before I became revolutionary enough to be a concern to those running the (shit) show.
  11. Slippery slope.. I'm sure they'll do it, but really they'll just lose track of people with those views making it harder to thwart future attacks. It is also an affront to our freedom to speak freely and share ideas. Muslim, Christian, right wing, left wing.. whichever group.
  12. I would have perhaps accepted/expected almost zero compensation, but at least an admission from the police that they acted inappropriately and an apology given. To say there was no case to answer seems extraordinary given the video evidence and witness statements already available in the public domain. It doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence in the justice system.
  13. To be honest Pin, I imagine you in something like this.. too bad it’s slightly on the pricey side..
  14. £850, great runner and includes full “wideboy” upgrade kit. What more could you ask for? New&onesearchad=Used
  15. Isn't that somewhat outside their remit? Where is the RSPB when you need them? Can't say I have that much sympathy for seagulls though.. if that is where the RSPCA are investing their efforts it's only a matter of time before mouse traps and fishing are banned.