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  1. Libspero

    Free canapes

    You’d love Costco.. they are forever waving freebies at you as you wander around. I’d wait until after Christmas now though.. it’ll be rammed at the moment.
  2. Ok, forgive me because I’m only at page 25 so far.. but it seems to indicate (quite reasonably) that rises in atmospheric CO2 lead to erosion of calcium rock etc and thus presumably leads to acidification of the seas.. which we have seen. I don’t understand yet how this is going to form a positive feedback loop from a very small background of CO2 that threatens our very existence. I will try to read a bit more once I’ve discharged my fartherly responsibilities for the morning.. but a quick summary would be helpful..?
  3. The thing that surprises me is the degree of impact associated with it. CO2 is such a tiny component of air.. about 0.04%.. a rise of about 0.01% since the 1950s. That’s a pretty small part of a pretty small number. You would somehow imagine that compared to the direct heating by the suns rays, or other factors like water vapours, it would be almost negligible. If you get a glass jar filled with nitrogen and blast light at it.. do you really get a massive jump in temperature if you add a pipette of just 0.01% CO2 to it? I’m all in favour of saving our fossil fuel resources and using green energy etc if it is viable. But I still find the green science baffling.
  4. Libspero


    You might be interested to google “Rachel’s Law” passed in 2010 to protect US citizens from liable “tourism” in the UK. I could completely believe Musk would avoid the UK for $150m.
  5. Libspero

    Pubs in December

    If only it had been the fruit isle instead you could have sold your fruit strapping idea for £115k.. then spent the money on toy boys
  6. Libspero


    Well, sure.. but say the guy won.. then what? How’s he going to claim his golden goose? Unless Musk has personal funds or assets in the UK how’s he going to get his hands on his cash? Edit to add: Just read the guy was trying to claim £150m in damages.. utterly taking the piss IMO. Frivolous. How can you possibly be “damaged” that much from a comment in a heated exchange where nobody ever really thought, and the press never reported that he actually was involved in anything like that? Crazy world.
  7. Libspero


    Locking your wife in a hut for a week because she has PMS does sound a bit harsh. Understandable.. but harsh
  8. Libspero


    Maybe no choice.. he probably wouldn’t have come here voluntarily and we only have a one-way extradition agreement with the US.
  9. Libspero


    Don’t know.. on one hand I thought it was a pretty frivolous case just to try and squeeze some money out of Musk because “he said hurty words”. Especially when the other guy started it by telling him to stick his sub up his ass. On the other hand would they have done the same if it was an American making the claim? The US do have a habit of looking after their own.
  10. I don’t know, are France already doing this synthetic/bio aviation fuel malarkey? I don’t claim to be a expert in the field
  11. Sure, that could be viable.. but in that case what advantage over just having a large regular size nuclear power station and create a bit of surplus green energy for the grid at the same time? For export perhaps?
  12. I find that bizarre. If you could cure the common cold tomorrow so nobody ever caught a cold again, you wouldn't because colds are character building and drug companies might make money?
  13. Worth remembering that RR have been making miniature nuke engines for "defence" purposes for a long time. Not long ago they were pitching nuclear micro generation to the grid, but that fell flat on its face.. so their small nuclear reactor business really is a hammer looking for a nail. This obviously looks like a nail to them, but it will be interesting what TPTB think about their plans for (and security concerns surrounding) lots of micro generators. I guess in a way it is quite clever because they are probably pitching them to be based at airports that already have quite high security.. but that would also necessitate them being very close to large urban population centres (thinking Heathrow and Manchester). Not sure that will fly. boom boom.
  14. Wasn’t sure whether to put this here or in Greta.. here will do. Looks like the future of aviation is nuclear powered synthetic/Biofuels.. interesting.