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  1. Think we might not see a lot of DOSBODers again until September:
  2. I’m also cautious about the data. It could just mean that we are not putting people into ICU until they are a bit more severe.. compared to other countries. The obesity angle seems a little strange as well.. 70% over weight, compared to 75% as a national average of the over 70s.
  3. I wouldn’t mind the ”spiteful vandalism” if there was a need for it.. but they already sent a drone up there and demonstrated to everyone that there is no-one going except a handful of dogwalkers. So what are they dicking about with it for? They really pulled a bunch of police out of retirement in order to throw ink into a lake with almost no visitors?
  4. Thanks, that gave me a proper belly laugh The mental image of Tennessee Williams charging a police blockade in the aforementioned manner made my evening..
  5. Even in China people were allowed to buy food.. I don’t think current sanctions are that onerous or likely to last any longer than required.. the government still want your tax dollar just as much as they ever did I get the feeling the police are trying to do the right thing and enforce the rules.. but they’re having a bit of a PR nightmare, possibly from being a bit too heavy handed. At this stage they should be escalating very slowly.. ask nicely for people to go home when they stop them.. be the good guys. You get the impression there’s a bit too much stick going on. The police need to appear like the good guys trying to help, not the gestapo. They need the public on their side. IMHO.
  6. Just take your bike instead. Or say you’re going shopping / exercising. Or just stay at home and do something else. As much as I’m naturally a contrarian, I do broadly agree that the lockdown is important, and I intend to follow the spirit of it as closely as possible. I don’t think anyone wants this to go on any longer than it absolutely has to.
  7. Seems to depend on the mode of travel. The MAMILs here have all been out and about in force. Not sure why the police are so bothered about cars.. I guess they just need to be seen to be doing. As long as you don’t get out of it I don’t really see what the issue is. Certainly doesn’t seem any worse than going out for a cycle ride or any other activity.. except I guess you would occasionally need to fuel up which would require some kind of interaction. Unless you’re electric.
  8. According to this: Your immune response to viral infections is strengthened by eating, where as fasting is better for bacterial infections. No idea if it's true.. just thought it was interesting.
  9. Appreciate the concern.. but if anything tips me over the edge it will be homeschooling the children!
  10. Converted some old 24V downlights to 240v standard fittings. fixed the decking on top of the septic tank pulled the wallpaper and half of the plaster off the walls in the spare room. Done the garden
  11. Most flights have been cancelled by the airlines.. presumably not profitable. Those that are flying.. only likely to have returning nationals on them. In the grand scheme of things, who's worried about a handful of cases on planes when we already have a minimum of 14000 cases here already ?!
  12. I thought it was going to be buying NHS war bonds or communities chipping in to a “buy a ventilator” fund.
  13. Apparently more common in the services. I’ve not heard it mentioned in the private sector.
  14. Bloody islanders travelling out here to the mainland and putting our local community at risk.. hanging’s too good for you mate
  15. Presumably they get direction from above.. somehow whenever there is something stupid / giant cluster-fuck coming out in the news about the police.. all roads seem to lead back to Cressida Dick. How is she still in the job, is she the first female chief of police or something? I can’t help think if she was a bloke she would have been sacked years ago.