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  1. Exact same one I buy.. think you’ll be happy with it. It’s slightly less sweet than real sugar so you will need to adjust accordingly.
  2. Boris seems to have a certain modus operandi.. his skill is in being able to pick good people to advise him, he then generally follows that advice and does his charming clown routine as and when his leadership role requires it. The only mistake I think he’s made is in putting his trust in Whitty and generally pandering to the pensioners throughout the Covid pandemic. Such a shame after how well he navigated Brexit to die on that hill.
  3. Sometimes the staff bring it back again though. My wife purchased a jigsaw puzzle at one a few weeks ago with two of the pieces missing.
  4. Telegraph have dug up an interesting stat today.. Apparently 1 in 8 recovered Covid patients dies within 5 months anyway. Tells you something about the age/vulnerability profile that isn’t often discussed in the MSM..
  5. Only by weight. There are roughly twice as many H2 molecules as O2 molecules in the human body (which makes sense because we are mostly comprised of H2O).
  6. Hell is other people.. we all get on each other’s tits. But when you frustrate and confine everyone, suddenly everyone else’s little foibles are so irritating that they make you want to beat them to death with their own arm. I experienced it in a crowded park yesterday.. kid on a slightly noisy motorbike (in the car park) just started his bike and rode out, causing a torrent of angry profanity from a guy standing next to his Lexus.. which in turn slightly pissed me off, because I was with my kids. Perhaps lockdown will force us all to be more tolerant of each oth
  7. So you use electricity to create hydrogen gas from water. You use Hydrogenotroph bacteria to turn the H2 + CO2 from the air into organic matter via the reductive assimilation of CO2. You somehow then turn that simple organic matter into amino acids and make meat powder. Which you then turn into burgers. I’m sure it’ll be great after a bit of salt and pepper
  8. What on earth does a minimum wage supermarket worker do to generate such anger ? Or is it just that time of the month ?
  9. Yes, this will be aimed almost exclusively at the new generation of cash rich females (execs?) with excess cash to burn. “I’m worth it” “I can justify it”. People are lazy and like to pamper themselves. If it wasn’t that it would be shoes, handbags and well marketed cosmetics.
  10. Not quite sure what DNR means with respect to Covid.. presumably that if you get to the point of needing to be put on a ventilator, they will just let you die instead. Because we don’t have capacity. Because we closed all the nightingale hospitals. Because the NHS couldn’t organise to cut a bit of red tape to train some nurses.
  11. I think expensive beauty products are to women, what watches and high end audio are to men.. they are arguably justifiable on marginal performance grounds.. but mostly it’s just good marketing tapping in to a desire to have “the best”.
  12. Aren’t you supposed to wash your hands before you put them in the dryer? Why would the drier be covered in Covid . At the very least it doesn’t seem worse than touching the taps. Or the door.
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