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  1. A deliberate ruse? @Wight Flight will be along shortly with his headmaster cane..
  2. Of course it’s to do with the virus.. they just can’t bring themselves to admit it isn’t as dangerous as we thought. Everyone else is slowly figuring it out.. but the government are too invested in it now to see it. I do think they genuinely still believe their own BS though. They just need to stop listening to the medical experts and start listening to the financial experts. That is their way out without losing face and still do the right thing. If deaths start to rise significantly.. above, say, 50k a month or 150k in total then I’ll admit I’m wrong. Perhaps th
  3. You looking for diesel or petrol or not bothered ? I presume you are only looking at "new".. in which case are there car supermarkets in Canada where you can tell a sales guy what you want and he will point you at a line of 50 different options ? If you would consider "ex-showroom" perhaps speak to a couple of main stealers. Otherwise I'd look for something second hand with the opposite use that you have planned for it. If you are high mileage, get something old with low mileage. Or if you are low mileage, get something new (2-3 years old) with high mileage. At least,
  4. On a serious note, is there really no way to determine somebody’s physical age to within, say 3 years? I mean, properly medically prove it? No biological indicators or some such the same way trees have rings? It seems crazy that medicine can’t determine the difference between a 15 year old and a 40 year old
  5. Same kind of thing we've been looking at for half term.. except covid restrictions have killed the joy in any organised events. Anything with a play area.. they've closed the play area. Anything with indoor bits.. compulsory masks. Anything that used to be "standing openly" is now "sitting still on a socially distanced seat". Give HSE an excuse and they can suck the fun out of anything. So we've pretty much binned off everything now.. it'll be free non-organised events for us next week with similar like minded friends.
  6. Thanks TGG.. I'm certainly not the only one, at least two others here who live close by. @mooncat69 @Chewing Grass Personally not that interested.. it's not very much more restrictive that T2, plus it was inevitable, we are surrounded by Liverpool, Manchester and Lancashire. It won't stop my current plans for half term.. I might have to be slightly more covert
  7. Signing a Do-Not-Resuscitate request should be something people do because they have decided they want to end it. Doctors surgeries really shouldn't be sending people letters that essentially amount to "if you're dying in agony please give us legal permission to ignore any requests for assistance". It would be kinder to just send them a suicide pill and a note with the one line "in case of emergency take this".
  8. Not really a lockdown if all the kids are still at school and busily licking each other. Still, it will appease the walking worried and make our local leaders feel pompous and important for a while.
  9. He should call in sick and tell HR he must have caught it off her. Then when he comes back tell his work mates he had a bad case of STDs. See how long it takes the office rumour mill to put 1 & 2 together..
  10. I heard a rumour there are plans to start vaccinating NHS staff this side of Christmas. They don't really need to vaccinate everybody. Start with the key workers, then then vulnerable.. after that you can relax the requirement and "let it rip.. herd immunity will probably kick in before the end of the vaccination program does.
  11. I keep hearing anecdotes that start "this guy was the most careful person I know, obsessively sanitised and wore masks.. always really careful, just been diagnosed with it". I say lots. Two in the past week. Strikes me that the reality is far more luck than hand washing and nominal social distancing. The only way not to get it is to seal yourself in your house and bleach every food parcel that comes through the door. Then bleach your hands. This message that if we all wear masks and wash our hands it will all just go away is total BS.
  12. Judging by the video earlier of the covid test site, I suspect it is pretty much only the hospitals doing any testing. Everyone else is keeping their heads down unless it's too serious to ignore.
  13. Very. Telling. I expect @spygirlwould have some colourful adjectives to describe this level of absenteeism.. Covid or otherwise
  14. Bit random.. and yet specific Have you tried eBay? I expect they’d probably all get put on there.. don’t imagine there’s much footfall in Bricks&Mortar places at the moment.
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