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  1. Libspero


    Got similar reaction in France when I ordered steak tartare. Difference being it tasted really bloody good.
  2. Libspero


    Vegetarians shouldn't have a problem though, you could just eat tonnes of those whey protein milkshakes.
  3. He was the guy that rose to fame after posting videos of his girlfriends dog doing heil Hitler salutes on youtube. It upset the usual groups of the perpetually offended for being mildly offensive to some Jewish people.
  4. Libspero


    To a point.. I never really tried any of those imitation sausage things or soy mince etc. I tried to find vegetarian alternatives like the spicy bean burgers, portobello mushrooms or cheeses for the focal point of the meal. Having a plate of rice/beans/pasta with a tomato sauce is fine for a couple of meals.. but you miss the rich flavours that only seem to come from meat. Having some nice veg on the side doesn't add much for me either.. perhaps because I'm conditioned to think of veggies as side dishes, not a meal in themselves.
  5. Libspero


    I've been through periods of lowering my meat intake, but always end up reverting. I just find eating carbs a veggies repetitive and bland. There's only so many spicy bean burgers you can eat before you want a proper meat patty with a couple of rashers on top. If I stuck to it I think I would end up eating a shed load of cheese in substitution for meat.. I don't think that's probably any healthier, at which point why bother?
  6. Libspero

    Aging and Death - the biggest Red Pills

    I suspect this is probably still the case. The only person I’ve seen in final stages of cancer complained that the hospice nurses were trying to kill her. I don’t think they let you sleep in the recovery position.. so then you end up self administering so much morphine you end up chocking on your own tongue. Seemed credible because she died very quickly once she got there.
  7. Libspero

    Loft insulation advice

    You seriously have over a foot deep insulation in your roof? I'm surprised the building regs are so keen given windows are so ineffective at keeping the heat in. I guess it's just a case of every little bit of difference helps.
  8. Libspero

    Smokers named and shamed....

    To be honest there’s really no excuse for flicking your fag ends in the street.. I don’t remember ever having to do it when I smoked. I used to carry a coke bottle with water in when I smoked in the car. Most parks etc have bins. As some say, it is definitely at the low end scale of littering.. and in fact I wouldn’t even count unfiltered roll-ups (to me they would fall into the same category as apples and banana skins and other biodegradeables (as long as flicked/thrown deep into the hedge)). When I did litter picking on our road there were very few noticeable fag ends.. the vast majority was Mac Donald’s waste and spirit bottles.. basically stuff people didn’t want their partners to know they had been doing on the way home. Oh and crisp packets. Not making any particular point.. other than that targeting smokers and their fag ends isn’t really addressing the main problem. It’s just poor/lazy management on the part of those setting the targets.
  9. Libspero

    Online Privacy - Apple

    Certainly not mine. Probably cancelled out by some security patch or other that screws everything up.
  10. Libspero

    Online Privacy - Apple

    Individual risk is an odd concept to me when it comes to insurance. The whole point of insurance is to split the risk of an event between everyone potentially effected by it so the over all cost is manageable. The alternative being every one just pays for their own cancer treatment or heart surgery if they are unfortunate enough to need it. If insurers get good enough at assessing personal risk that they can know in advance who is going to suffer a given fate to a high degree of certainty, then you end up with people who need heart surgery paying for their own heart sugery (plus middle man's fee) because their premium is so high or they are simply uninsurable, and those with no risk effectively just paying thd middle man's fee.
  11. Libspero

    Online Privacy - Apple

    I'm pretty disappointed with my apple company phone. Yes, it's slightly old now being an iphone 6, but the battery life is shockingly poor after 3 years use and is already starting to exhibit that laggy loading between apps that you get on old phones. Having had a good experience with my latest android tablet I'm very tempted to go down that route for my next phone.
  12. Libspero

    I'm under attack by the Workplace Diversity Nazis

    Clearly I haven't done either.. but SAP only gave me the choice of that or Tibetan mountain climber when I was trying to order some urgently needed M8 nuts. On the plus side, it sounds like a fun trip.. and I read on the Green Peace website that polar bears are all cuddly and friendly anyway. Let's do this
  13. Libspero

    I'm under attack by the Workplace Diversity Nazis

    I'll take your word for it.. as a "front end" for senior managers to see what is going on and draw fancy charts, I can see the benefit. Of the companies I've worked for, the least organised and most inefficient ones all seemed to run SAP. Though to be fair, I'm fishing from a fairly small pool of my own particular experience. Perhaps the wider experience is different. I remember having to spend a lot of time feeding it with irrelevant information about my job and often just making stuff up and chucking it in just to be "seen to be doing". According to a friend who works with a lot of this stuff he agrees with you that SAP is sound and it is just the implementation that is usually crap because most companies don't budget enough to install and manage it properly. But as someone who makes most of his money implementing SAP he would say that
  14. You wouldn’t want to wind up in A&E with one of those inexplicably attached to your nob
  15. Libspero

    Croydon cat killer

    I thought a high percentage of houses had CCTV these days.. surely if there was a person running around killing people’s cats and placing the remains outside their front doors someone would have caught them on camera by now? Presumably someone did catch the fox.. which is why he is now the prime suspect?