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  1. Perhaps things will change.. eventually.. Lord Hall to step down as BBC's director general
  2. Indeed. I’m not trying to make a justification.. but I expect choices in China aren’t as easy as here.
  3. Choices: 1). We need to destroy your pigs and your family will starve / you won’t be able to pay your debts etc. 2). Sell them on the black market. Is that corruption or putting family first.. I can’t really tell.
  4. If I didn't have a family and fancied a change of direction I might be tempted. Better than most corporate relocation packages..
  5. Libspero

    Avocado seeds

    They grow very easily into trees. Massive, massive trees.
  6. Libspero


    Everyone should just buy natural (cotton) fibre clothing? There’s probably a huge business opportunity waiting in the wings for some hybrid plant breed producing easy to harvest, grow-anywhere cotton.
  7. There’s a lot of deliberate posturing going on.. very different compared to under May. It soft diplomacy was completely wasted on Brussels.. shotgun diplomacy has worked much better, hence we are now entering trade talks with the US before even speaking to the EU. The point being to undermine any threats of “you’re fucked without us” by being able to pull out a document in their faces saying “the Americans already said fuck you”. It’s a shame it has come to that.. but this has turned into a proper professional negotiation now.
  8. What does she get? Seems she get almost nothing if you look under “finances”
  9. For anyone who want’s the summary: ”Problems, issues, Britain is falling apart, injustice, working man, poor Scots, London is unfair, everything is unfair.. identity politics.. Scottish independence.. we need change” Solutions.. none Change required.. no specific suggestions. You’re welcome.
  10. Libspero


    Was this ever posted..?
  11. Fair. I would argue that the money is technically given to the queen and she decides who she gives it to.. along with titles and anything else. That is, to a degree, up to her royal discretion. Over all, the amount of money the royal family costs the tax payer is pretty minimal.. so if she chooses to give it to royal family members regardless of whether they are presently in favour with the public or not.. well, for the minimal amount it costs I can't really get that excited about it (personally). I can understand if other people feel differently.
  12. @BurntBread.. don't disagree at all, but you can't choose your family. Harry has never wanted the confinement, he has always struggled with it, and finally he has his chance to leave.. which once the dust settles seems entirely fair and best for all concerned. Andrew is somewhat of an irrelevance (who really knew anything about him prior to the "scandal"? Prince Charles is "ok" but comes across as (rightly or wrongly) a bit "Tim nice but dim".. but he's certainly not terrible. I think the future hope really lies in William.. or more specifically, Kate. She's been really impressive.
  13. To earn such searing criticism from the @The XYY Man on this forum is surely a compliment of the highest order!
  14. I'll be watching out for the next Sargon vid by Carl Benjamin if she does get made leader.. he'll be pissing himself. Should give him material for the next 5 years.
  15. Many a true word.. I don’t understand the jealousy/criticism of the Royals with respect to them being “public benefits scroungers” and “unfairly privileged”. They have a pretty hard/shit life that most sensible people wouldn’t want, and most naive/ignorant people would last about 6 months in (Meghan).