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Found 3 results

  1. The one in Saltburn tonight. "...22,000 without power after Saltburn 'explosion'..." Discuss... XYY
  2. As per title. wail arguing that he is a puppet, or something so that the elite can continue to peddle their theories. Died years ago.
  3. I'm certainly not claiming that they all were faked but it was a ludicrously expensive programme which had already won the propaganda war and in which the public had lost interest. So why not trim the budget a little by faking one when nobody's paying much attention? There are two strands to this; today's visor reflection of a man "On the moon" without a spacesuit: And the accidental showing of the man made structure that saw the live feed cut. It's far more simple to explain this man made structure as being on earth than on the moon. You don't need many to be in on it: fake the feed, fake the instrument readings.