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Found 6 results

  1. Just been in the kitchen for an early lunch / late breakfast, looked in the fridge, now thinking can't open that, dates ok on that, don't want to waste that etc. Whole different mindset, thinking what should I eat. Noticed a tomato was on the turn so 1 Tomato (sliced) 2 Slices Bread (toasted) Cheese sliced. Tomato slices griddled with twist of black pepper, light sprinkling of salt and splash of vinegar for 3 to 4 mins until soft. Assemble on toast. Marvellous
  2. I am considering visiting Scafell Pike on weekend. It's a long drive (6 hours?) so it would be better to stay somewhere overnight. However, all places on are saying that I may be asked for proof of essential travel. Has anyone had any luck booking a hotel recently? I could call directly and ask. Or, any advice on camping in the wild? Worst case scenario, I'd drive there in the evening and sleep in a car for a bit. I also cannot find any information on the current state of the car parks there. Open or closed etc.
  3. My favourite part of Dosbods is the concentration of information, facts and figures posted here. @Chewing Grass has posted some really useful graphs on infection and mortality rate. I was thinking a thread of COVID19 graphs, charts and data - all found in one place might enhance our experience? @Chewing Grass Please repost some of your best data if you could. Right then...I will start it off....
  4. I've decided to open a thread to post info on what is happening economically because of the virus. Manufacturing is definitely suffering.
  5. A new thread to carry on from the old one as it got to >500 pages... Old thread: - Links Coronavirus Report Trackers/maps
  6. I've been self isolating since Monday morning as I have health issues. Husband's office is closed since yesterday as ten people we're at a conference with a known case last week. We're now both self isolating due to mild coughs. I made til yesterday before cracking open the medicinal Brandy at 8am (French coffee) after my husband got the call. Annoyingly we've been caught on the hop fresh food wise as he forgot to go shopping on the way home on Wednesday (fridge has been mostly crammed to bursting the last month). Can't get a supermarket delivery til Monday.