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Found 5 results

  1. I touched a lady once, fortunately I don't think she noticed. Do you have a dating story you'd like to share?
  2. Another thread crosser. I honestly couldn’t decide which of the obvious threads to stick it in - maybe people with more time on their hands can cross post? Anyway, if you care about your health and make sure you aren’t a bloated sack of lard you are apparently benefiting from thin privilege. The self delusion levels here are enormous. Let’s flip it. So, do people going into most places to eat (where you are never really sure if you are getting healthy food even if it looks like it might be) benefitting from fat privilege? The gulf between reality and what these morons want to be reality is getting so great you’d need a vessel capable of faster than light travel to cross it.
  3. Write a piece attacking something (dosbods maybe even) in the style of a scummy unscrupulous journalist. Try to make it something you like, rather than something you actually want to attack. Might be interesting and/or amusing.
  4. The EU has passed a mandatory regulation which gives them the power to take down any website they fancy with no judicial oversight the law was part of a supposed "consumer protection" law - although it actually waters down consumer protection.
  5. What a good idea, Morrisons supermarket in Guisley, West Yorkshire installs in-store BAR to ease stress of Christmas shopping. Saltaire Blonde, one of my favourites alongside Beartown Brewerys Kodiak Gold.