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Found 6 results

  1. The Masked Tulip

    A National Conversation on Immigration

    Hope Not Hate wants to have a national conversation on immigration. I think we all need to get involved in their conversation. Oops, our conversation. They have an online survey and are touring the UK. I wonder if they have an agenda? Hmmm... The National Conversation on immigration is one of the largest public engagement projects into public policy ever undertaken.
  2. So - it occurred to me on a boring journey yesterday that actors and luvvies, who more than most are pro open borders, pro immigration, are even more hypocritical than I realised No downwards pressure on wages for them. It's basically a closed shop, protecting them from a mass of cheaper workers. Can we not have a campaign to enable anyone to be in any film, show, or TV show without the discriminatory WALL of an equity card being needed? Media, over to you....
  3. A borough where one if four people do not speak English as their first language has been given a £1 million grant to boost community cohesion. Waltham Forest Council will receive the money to fund language classes and events to bring newcomers and long-term residents together. i don't care about the grant, but one in four residents cannot speak English. no wonder the bloody streets are gridlocked and my cockerney geezer mates are royally pissed off. From the article again, quoting a local councillor “Making new people arriving in our borough welcome is both fair and right [...] Taking action to protect the weakest and most vulnerable in society benefits every member of the community. what? So we let people in that cannot stand on their own two feet and the rest of us are expected to fund this madness? Have a read of the comments
  4. A raid on a three-bedroom house in north west London found 35 men living in rooms full of mattresses. The discovery was made on Winchester Avenue, Queensbury, on Tuesday following noise complaints from neighbours, Brent council said. The men, of Eastern European origin, had piled bedding in every room except bathrooms.
  5. The Masked Tulip

    Labour Party & Chums

    It would be handing our country over even more to, well, anyone who comes here. With views like this how on earth can Labour even pretend to stand for the ordinary British people?