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Found 1 result

  1. Kurt Barlow


    We are heading towards replacement motor time. Mrs of course wants a Van SUV. However i have noticed you can pick up 4 year old Jag XF's for £15-£16K. The 2 litre diesel does >50mpg and only £20 road tax a year. Insurance isn't bad either for us at a tad under £450 a year. I assume scrots think this is a granddad car so target BMW's etc. Its a saloon but then our second car would be an Auris estate for carting stuff about. Owner reviews generally very good and reliability is on a par with others in that class. A lot better value than a BMW / Merc / Audi. Mate had one in Saudi - beautiful car What do you reckon ? How do I persuade Mrs B that an SUV (probably be a Qashqai) is not the route to go?
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