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Found 14 results

  1. Interesting photos. Where are all the cars and people?
  2. Huge Police operation in Forest Gate , London, started about an hour ago. Reports of masked men exchanging gunfire with Police.
  3. Men dressed in black have stormed the Iranian embassy in London. No, not those men - there are fewer of them around these days. Reports that they are extreme Shiites based in London opposed to the Iranian regime. Nice to see that the UK is once again a battleground for their hatred.
  4. Interesting little piece, which raises the question is London becoming too dangerous a place for its itinerant celebrities. The 21-year-old nephew of actress Elizabeth Hurley was stabbed multiple times in a “brutal attack” in Ascalon Street, Battersea, London. Liz Hurley tweeted “My 21-year-old nephew was repeatedly stabbed in a brutal attack in London on Thursday' "They are believed to have been attacked by a group of males who got out of a vehicle and assaulted them before fleeing the scene." No arrests have been made.
  5. When I worked in London an older work colleague related his memories of Churchill's funeral to me down the pub and it was incredibly moving. The whole city stopped to pay their respects, nobody kept working, even the big cranes at the docks dipped in respect as the parade passed. Wind forward sixty years: Whose city is it again?
  6. Came across this confused piece in the Evening Standard on a visit up to London last week: Kids attending a primary School in Greenford according to their headteacher are either a/ starving or b/ obese according to what their parents give them to eat. No mention of pupil ethnicity as a factor, the nature of which is apparent from pictures accompanying the article, despite what looks like (as remarked-on in the comments) a botched attempt to Photoshop a blonde boy wearing a completely different uniform into the main one!
  7. Reports of the station closed and major tube lines closed. Some are saying there is a fire. False alarm. Everything open again. These panics are coming often now aren't they?
  8. Transport for London has revoked the UBER licence from 30th September. Guido Fawkes saying that TFL informed UBER of its decision one minute before it tweeted out the above.
  9. Visitor numbers fall at UK attractions after terrorist attacks Visitors are staying away from some of the UK’s biggest attractions after the recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, according to the company behind LondonEye and Madame Tussauds. Merlin Entertainments said demand for day trips fell among domestic tourists after theWestminster attack on 22 March, and deteriorated further after the subsequent attacks in Manchester and at London Bridge. Europe’s biggest attractions group, which runs Sea Life centres, Alton Towers and Legoland resorts, said the attacks could have a knock-on effect on foreign tourist demand in the coming months. Trading at Legoland was in line with expectations, Merlin said in a update for the year so far, but there was a drop in visitors to number of its parks as people were apparently put off by the attacks and heightened security at venues. ---- The abject misery of having to queue up to be degradingly searched like at an airport, The types of people having planes put down because someone is "reading a book with a picture of a gun on the cover" It doesn't bode well for GDP.
  10. Have a read of this article in the sub-standard. Take a step back and marvel at the cliches. 1. Celebrities, some bird who had it off with Ryan Giggs, a Chef, an anonymous TV journalist who lives in a 2.5M house 2. Wansdworth 3. Its like a cutesy village 4. OMG some poor unfortunate has been stabbed 5. The prep-school is 13K a year 6. “Life really is cheap" but the houses are not and we can't sleep at night Fuck Off
  11. Finsbury park explosion: Victim named after suffering '80% burns' in massive blast that injured three police officers. More than 70 firefighters battled the inferno as it tore through the £1million home whose owner was in a housing dispute, according to the Met Police A 55-year-old man man who was critically injured in a massive house explosion has been named as it emerged he suffered 80% burns in the blast. Wilton Sterling, 55, is fighting for his life after the inferno tore through the £1million home in Finsbury Park, north London, also injuring three police officers. Police first rushed to the scene after reports of a man armed with a weapon. Officers found bailiffs at the address when they arrived and the explosion followed shortly afterwards. The leafy street and nearby schools were evacuated as more than 70 firefighters battled the blaze.