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Found 2 results

  1. I find these things very disturbing as, at best, they seem designed to deliberately divide British / Western people based on skin colour IMPO. At worst, they seem intent on deriding white people at every opportunity for an unknown agenda one can only speculate about. As these things are increasing in our media and politics perhaps it is time for such a thread?
  2. Many politicians, media, corporations etc have suddenly developed a new and overwhelming interest in this form of radical race politics and seem quite willing to openly embrace extreme ideas and ignore the violent and destructive behaviour of blm to an absurd degree. I'm struggling to form a coherent understanding of what is going on, some ideas sort of make sense but don't really explain who is trying to achieve what. It seems to be headed toward something but fuck knows what. Here's some thoughts, please add your own ideas and criticisms: 1. People in prominent positions feel oblig
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