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Found 5 results

  2. As a reader of a trade journal, through necessity rather than choice, which is mostly staffed by SJWs I have begun to pick up on this language. It's all "urgent", "must", "change" and it is reminiscent of nothing so much as a child in a tantrum screaming "It's not fair!!!". There are no solutions offered, unless free money for all is an option, just a long burst of "it's not fair" that serves zero purpose. Here's the Ofsted chief inspector doing exactly that. Schools shouldn't have to teach your kids to use the toilet or not be fat; that's the parents job. Well sure, and most do that, but when the parents don't do that and the kid turns up fat and wearing a nappy what happens then? When somebody who actually is in a position of power rather than some hack journalist starts making these empty and pointless exhortations then you realise that the infantilisation of society has reached the very top. It's all very well saying that parents "must" but when parents "don't" then you should have an answer that isn't merely "But they must!". Or maybe screaming until she's sick like Violet Elizabeth Bott. Obesity in schools: Parents 'must not abdicate duties' Parents should not expect schools to police children's eating and exercise, or toilet train pupils, England's chief inspector of education will say later. Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman will argue that the answer to the obesity crisis lies in the home, and that parents should not "abdicate responsibility". Neither can schools be a "panacea" for knife crime or child neglect, she will add in her second annual report. Two studies have this year queried the benefit of school anti-obesity schemes. In February, the British Medical Journal reported that a year-long anti-obesity programme involving more than 600 West Midlands primary school pupils yielded no improvements. And in July an Ofsted study of 60 schools found no link between efforts to tackle obesity and pupils' weight. What does it mean if a child is 'severely obese'? Schools alone cannot fix childhood obesity - Ofsted boss Childhood obesity: combating 'pester power' Speaking to an audience of education and social care professionals in central London later, Ms Spielman will highlight concerns that - by the time they start primary school - almost a quarter of children in England are overweight or obese. This rises to over a third by the time they move on to secondary school. "Schools can and should teach children about the importance of healthy eating and exercise in line with their core purpose; their PE lessons should get them out of breath," she will say. "But beyond that, schools cannot take over the role of health professionals - and above all parents." Highlighting the growing evidence of children arriving at reception unable to use a toilet, she will add: "This is difficult for teachers, disruptive for other children and has a terrible social impact on the children affected."
  3. It appears that it is currently mainly schools in Cornwall, Devon and Durham.
  4. Claims that the poorer kids in the north (Hartlepool is mentioned :-) ) are disadvantaged as far as schooling is concerned compared to poorer kids in the south. Now I'd have anticipated the opposite, given the bennies bonanza and NMW and cheaper Northern housing. In the North poor kids stand a chance of having more space and a bedroom each I'd have thought. Is it lack of Vitamin D?
  5. Will any of the UK be worth living in in 2030, if you're not a multimillionaire in an enclave with it's own infrastructure?