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Found 26 results

  1. More news coming out about this. Nothing was stolen. Possible sexual motive claimed. But one lady was decapitated. The other appears to have someone attempt to decapitate her. Their murders were videoed and apparently on social media. Clearly this was an islamic terrorist attack. Didn't Ryanair fire alot of its Dutch staff today for refusing to rellocate to Morocco?
  2. A bit disappointing that this hasn't been posted.... What's wrong with you all? I though Vehicular attack was all the rage? Here :- And? 1984? I feel your pain. Neither am I.
  3. Reports of people injured. Reports that a copper has been injured. Reports that knifeman was shot.
  4. The two people stabbed reported as having severe injuries. Happened on a train.
  5. A car tried to ram soldiers outside a French army base in Arces-Allières-et-Risset this morning. The driver first charged at the joggers before turning around and attempting to ram them again before fleeing the scene. French police say it was deliberate but have not yet decided whether it is terrorism. The soldiers escaped uninjured.
  6. It appears that it is currently mainly schools in Cornwall, Devon and Durham.
  7. Man randomly attacked people near Prater park. Three people seriously hurt. Attacker still at large. Police say the motive is unknown.
  8. Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, who will retire from the Met Police next month, said four extreme-right terror plots were disrupted last year. Ten Islamist-inspired plots have been foiled since March last year, he added. In a speech made at Policy Exchange, the Met Police's Mr Rowley also warned that far-right extremists are working in similar ways to Islamist extremists. He said they create intolerance, exploit grievances, and generate distrust of state institutions. Ten conspiracies of an Islamist nature were stopped since the Westminster attack. "And I can tell you today that over the same period police have been able to prevent a further four extreme, right-wing inspired plots in the UK."
  9. Breaking. Not on the So-Called BBC yet
  10. Just noticed this and what remains of a journalist and her Peugeot 108. The journalist who led the Panama Papers investigation into corruption in Malta was killed on Monday in a car bomb near her home. Daphne Caruana Galizia died on Monday afternoon when her car, a Peugeot 108, was destroyed by a powerful explosive device which blew the car into several pieces and threw the debris into a nearby field.
  11. Reports of one person killed. Three others injured. Gun attack. Happened hours after a bomb was found outside a primary school.
  12. Two women, believed to be a Mother and daughter, stabbed in Tunisia.
  13. So far, police officer reported seriously injured, driver run off, man-hunt underway. Reports of an ISIS flag in the car - looks like it from a photo circulating..
  14. It seems Thomas Cook are trying to make out you need to book up for Spain now! as prices are going to rise 5-10% due to demand! & "Egypt & Turkey are great destinations with lots to offer" p.s you an book now for Jan 2018 Thomas Cook predicts Spanish holiday prices to rise Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Travel company Thomas Cook has said it expects the price of Spanish holidays to rise by another 5% to 10% next year because of the weak pound. Chief executive Peter Fankhauser told the So-Called BBC that Spain's renewed popularity because of safety fears elsewhere was also driving prices higher. "We have not enough beds for all the demand," he said. But he added that the firm was also seeing evidence that people were turning back to Egypt and Turkey. Last month, Thomas Cook said it had resumed selling holidays in Tunisia to Britons for the first time since the attack at a resort in Sousse in 2015. Trips will resume in February 2018, after the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) eased its travel advice. The FCO previously advised avoiding all but essential visits following the June 2015 beach attack, which killed 38 people, including 30 British tourists. Mr Fankhauser told the Today programme that both Egypt and Turkey were "wonderful destinations" that offered "great value for money". ---- On the contrary i'm expecting Spanish Tourism to be down some 40% over the coming year, you can smell the desperation this means everything to the industry. Personally i've withdrawm my tourist £ from any countries i consider to be appeasing and failing to tackle the terrorism risk. At the moment that's France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Tunisa, Egypt, Morrocco, Sudan, Tanzania, Nigeria, Gambia, Somalia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Malaysia & Canada.
  15. Just breaking - 4 American women had acid thrown at their faces. Two in a bad way apparently. Feck!
  16. Travel company Thomas Cook has resumed selling holidays in Tunisia to Britons for the first time since the attack at a resort in Sousse in 2015. Trips will resume in February 2018, after the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) eased its travel advice . The FCO previously advised avoiding all but essential visits following the June 2015 beach attack, which killed 38 people, including 30 British tourists. Well, they were desperate to get the Holidaymakers going back there, i wonder how many takers there will be given that the high court battle for compensation was lost for the families of the dead and the wounded victims. 99% of travel insurance polices do not cover "acts of terrorism"
  17. when we are out and about over the coming bank holiday weekend, we will be fully protected (in a predetermined set of locations) by the SAS mingling among us. They will be dressed in civilian clothes with their weapons hidden beneath their clothing (can't see how this works in the middle of sumner. Burka?) anyhow the main point of posting is that the establishment is currently working to finalise the list of places where these SAS soldiers will mingle and protect. Cant we just have the list? I would rather avoid these places. Oh no, like cannon fodder we are thrown into the mincer. Just part of life in the modern uk. Lions lead by donkeys.
  18. Apparently we now have another group to fear. Anarchists in Spain. Where will it end? apologies, its behind a paywall. I'll dig around for a better link
  19. Putting this out to the Dosbods massive before I decide how to proceed. Youngest came home from school yesterday, year 8 (12-13) and told me they'd had a lady in from Show Racism the Red Card. We discussed what she'd talked about and apparently she had been saying to the kids that it was wrong that the white man who ran down those Asians wasn't called a terrorist but the "black man" who carried out the Manchester attack, or Westminster attack was referred to as a terrorist and in her opinion this was wrong. Firstly im pissed that this was even discussed by some fucking nobody with a bunch of impressionable young kids, secondly I don't know it's that relevant to their campaign and thirdly there was no teacher present to oversee what was being said, they were just carted into the classroom with a stranger who had some strong opinions. Mr B popped into school yesterday to discuss it but got fobbed of with the 'welfare woman' who I refer to as Mrs Beads, softly spoken, social worker type who said she would have a word with my son. Mr B said that she should be having a word with whoever arranged it to find out exactly what was said. It's 2 days until they break up and I fear this will just get swept under the carpet if I don't investigate it further. AIBU?
  20. There has been an explosion on a bus in Paris.
  21. This happened in the airport at Flint. The suspect is a 'Canadian' as in born in Canada. No idea if he has ginger hair or not.
  22. They kept this one quiet. First I heard of it. There are guides of how to carry out knife attacks apparently.
  23. A truck has tried to run down people in Washington DC. Tried to run over police who fired back. Driver in custody.