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Found 4 results

  1. TheBlueCat

    WTF Happened Here?! I lived in a large block in New York once and I had someone accidentally walk into my apartment (easily done as all the floors and lobbies looked the same). It took precisely 5 seconds for the woman in question, when she saw me in the entrance hallway, to realize what had happened, apologize profusely and head back out of the door. How do you get from that situation to shooting someone dead?!
  2. The Masked Tulip

    Explosions in Austin, Texas

    A teenage male was killed and a woman in her 40's was injured with a parcel bomb earlier this morning. Few hours later another explosion injured people elsewhere in the city. A woman in her 70's has potentially life-threatening injuries. Seems that packages were left on their doorsteps.
  3. The Masked Tulip

    Reports of 15 people shot in a Texas church

    Breaking now. First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, near San Antonio, Texas. Shooter still on the loose. Reports that the man was tooled up and wearing combat gear.
  4. The Masked Tulip


    Apparently the US is about to be hit by a giant rabbit - the biggest giant rabbit to hit Texas since giant rabbits began hitting America. People have been warned not to do anything... but too get out.... and not to stay... but also to stay indoors and not do anything stupid... So we probably need a thread for all the stupid things that probably will be done in the next 24 hours. Those pesky experts anticipate 20 inches of rain in Houston and people across Texas have been warned to stay away from flooded areas due to all the alligators that will think there is a special on. In all seriousness, it looks bad. They say it will be worse than Katrina in 2006. Loads of people died then. Many more lost their homes. It is estimated that 700,000 animals died during that storm. Anyhow, here is the culprit: There's always one: