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Found 3 results

  1. UmBongo

    Train In Vain

    Why is getting the train so bloody expensive? I haven't researched this too thoroughly but from my little hamlet in East Anglia to Manchester village in July (so plenty of notice) - £110!!! What the Hell?! There was one for £68 but that was at funny hours. I may as well drive oop north and fill er up with diesel. What happened to 'getting people out of their cars and onto public transport' ? The cost of public transport remains very expensive. And as for season ticket prices.... I remember in Amsterdam 11 years ago the train was 3 Euros 60 from Schipol airport to Centraal Station (OK, so a shorter distance than my example). Seemed very reasonable. Train travel is usually cheaper on the continent so I hear.
  2. So, how often do the have to renationalise before they realise that trains in private hands is ideology trumping expediency? In national hands, the east coast line makes money, private, it loses money and the private company messes it up
  3. Stagecoach's contract to run the East Coast Mainline rail franchise will end earlier than expected after the government said the operator had "got its numbers wrong". Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said Stagecoach would continue running the London to Edinburgh line only for "a small number of months". The contract, originally due to end in 2023, has already been cut short once. Mr Grayling said day-to-day operation of the line would be unaffected. He told the House of Commons Stagecoach was set to lose about £200m, equating to more than 20% of its total market value. But he said there was "no question of a bailout" for the company, which runs the franchise with Virgin. in public stewardship, it tends to run well and at a profit. Give it to the privateers and it goes breast vertical