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Found 19 results

  1. Don't know where to start with this. Couple have full on sex, including oral sex in a dominos. In plain sight of everyone 😳 this kind of behaviour appears to becoming more common. There was a video doin the rounds of a couple doing it against a wall at one of the local stations. In broad daylight. They finished, zipped up and hot on the train.
  2. This Leonardo painting sold for $450m to the King of Saudi. It's now rumoured to be fake. What an ugly painting. I literally wouldn't give it house room.
  3. I was up town today and saw the sticker shown in the photo below. It can’t be real can it? I mean what the fuck!?!!? Tempted to contact Stonewall and ask them, though if they say it is for real my response could have me sent to a jail!
  4. More than 40% of the sentences for terrorism offences handed down over a 10-year period will have been served by the end of the year, figures compiled by the Sentencing Council show. More than 80 of the 193 terms issued for terrorism offences between 2007 and 2016 will run out by the end of this year. However, the number of individuals released could be much higher as prisoners are eligible for release halfway through their sentence. Among those eligible for parole in 2018 is the Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary, who was jailed in September 2016 for five and a half years after already spending five months on remand in custody. Speechless. Why are they not deported?
  5. Considering that HMS Queen Elizabeth is costing the UK billions, is the new flagship for the RN and has taken years to build... you would think that they would have widened the dock entrance a a bit to ensure that it could leave the docks without risk of damage. Watching it narrowly squeeze out of the docks, with just a few inches on either side, seems to be putting way too much faith in the technology and skill of the ship and crew. Apparently they rehearsed it 30 times before today's actual attempt. But was the risk of causing enormous damage not worth widening the docks a bit - after all, it would been a trifling amount compared to the overal costs of the carriers. Look at this:
  6. A 40-year-old convict has been arrested for murder in Florida after inviting people round to his home to show them a dead woman's body in his backyard shed. Angelo Dante Beckford was taken into custody on Monday after the incident in St Petersburg. He had invited friends round to the property where he was living and when they arrived, took them to the backyard shed where Cheyenne Snyder's body was.
  7. Congratulations to the winners of the London Borough of Culture competition! Waltham Forest is the first borough to be awarded the title - for 2019, followed by Brent for 2020.
  8. A leading newspaper in Malaysia has published a guide on how to identify gay and lesbian people, drawing criticism from activists who say the checklist puts lives at risk. The article, featured in the daily newspaper Sinar Harian, features bullets points highlighting qualities that are supposedly common in gay and lesbian people. It suggests that gay men can be spotted by their beard and love of the gym - not for exercise but to admire other men. The piece also picked out branded clothing as an indicator of homosexuality.
  9. TheBlueCat

    Ben De Pear Ben de Pear has to be a made up name!
  10. Just to prove that money does not buy taste, david Sullivan let's us into his new central London pad.
  11. A man who already had convictions for killing his wife and a former partner has pleaded guilty to murdering his ex-girlfriend. Johnson has two previous manslaughter convictions: one for pushing his wife over a balcony in 1981 and one in 1993 for strangling a partner. He will be sentenced on Friday. The garage worker threw himself in front of an express train after attacking Ms Best, 51, at his Islington home on 15 December 2016, but survived. Police only discovered the body of Ms Best when they called at Johnson's north London flat to find his next of kin after the incident at Cheshunt railway station. apologies for the black box. Bloody BBC website.
  12. Did anyone watch this programme on the So-Called BBC last night? It was a confusing mess. The gist of it was that Michael Stone, a man with psychological issues, was sent down under dodgy evidence for murdering a Kent family with a hammer, but Levi Bellfield (Millie Dowler murderer) is likely believed to be the real murderer. Some suggestions that the Police have been inept - no surprise. There is allegedly some DNA left on a towel that was used to strangle the family, which doesn't belong to Stone but another man. The production team (or someone otherwise involved with the case) wrote to Bellfield to request his DNA to remove him from their investigations; he initially complied but then went quiet. Hmmm.. I have been reading about it today and cannot fathom why the police/CPS cannot apparently forcefully obtain the DNA from a convicted murderer - presumably they have it already anyway? I don't know the ins-and-outs of the justice system, but surely they have his DNA and can rule him out. This is why I don't watch documentaries much now, you waste an hour of your life when they don't answer any of the questions they pose, and you can just read up on it on Wikipedia in 2 minutes.
  13. Suprised that there isn't a thread on this as it brokevin the wail a couple of days ago. Now on the So-Called BBC website A teacher is facing disciplinary action at his school after he referred to a transgender pupil as a girl, although the student identifies as a boy. Joshua Sutcliffe, a Christian pastor from Oxford, admitted he said "Well done girls" when addressing a group including the student. He described it as a "slip of the tongue", but said he believed biological sex was defined at birth The school said it would be "inappropriate" to comment. Mr Sutcliffe, who teaches children aged between 11 and 18, said the incident took place on 2 November. He said a week-long investigation found he had "misgendered" the pupil. i have nothing to add really, other than who the fuck would want to be a teacher. The world really has gone mad, or the establishment is really trying to provoke us all. speechless
  14. I will leave you all to click on the link. With caution if you are of a delicate disposition i will provide bleach and scrubbing brush for eyeball cleaning afterwards.
  15. So, the Lammy report is out and the high rate of ethnic-minorities in jail is due to a biased legal system! 41% of youth offenders are of minority backgrounds. I think we should embrace this - jails are ahead of the population-shift curve 😁 I have linked to the Gaurdian just to annoy everyone:
  16. look at the size. Wtf. The uk's first gender fluid family
  17. Chewing Grass


    Just seen this about buying free homes for LGBTQ on EBAY. WTF is the Q for?
  18. Setting aside the fact that the person is Nigerian (can a foreigner stand as an MP?), the lib dems appear to have picked a rather odd character as their candidate here. the lib dems say of their candidate "He believes that politics should be about providing opportunities for people, how to unite and how to raise the standard of living for everyone and not just a few". Well he's certainly providing opportunities for himself. More at the link what a fucking shower