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Chewing Grass

Old Car Spotting

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1 hour ago, The XYY Man said:

You are right I suppose. Knowing fuck all about cars, I am at the mercy of a bunch of shysters and chancers such as Arthur "Justesen" Daley and "Honest" Option5.

Me, I just take the photos...



@Bedrag Justesen @Option5


When have I ever claimed to be honest?

I do however have a miniscule knowledge of motor cars.

Whereas you have an encyclopedic knowledge of being a cunt!!!!


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18 hours ago, Bedrag Justesen said:

Revolving number plates though.

Did you notice? The way it works in Geneva is that if you own two cars, you can share the numberplate between them, the one not being used has to be parked off road. The numberplate is "attached" to the person not the car. For the road tax, when you do this, you only pay the road tax for the one that attracts higher road tax, same principle with insurance.

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