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Quick post, just to say I've found a few videos and things on the forum which YouTube have decided to remove for "some reason". 

I've quoted the posts with the broken link and added new (working) links. Bitchute and Internet Archive are great, but even just another YouTube link is good, especially with the title and some bumph to make it easier to find again when YouTube again decide we're now to see it. 

It's nippy when reading old forum posts from wherever, and there's an image or video missing as the thread is from 2008 or something. We can future proof dosbods, and I think we should.

Also, has anyone ever archived stuff with internet archive? Some stuff is pretty important, and shouldn't be lost. I should maybe start a Bitchute channel and fill it with good stuff, Internet Archive interests me though. 


Here's a wee video of no huge relevance or consequence, I like it though, short and amusing :

That's just the amazing voice and delivery of Mister Metokur, casting an eye over, and laughing at Europe, and Britain.

Couldn't find it on Bitchute but here's a YouTube mirror :



Mister Metokur : "Oi You Got A Loicense For That Mate?"

3min 52s, some stuff shown on screen but fine to just listen. 


Edited by Carl Fimble
Adding the bit with the title of the video in "s

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Thankyou Carl. Appreciate the effort you have taken. Free speech is under attack as never before. For future proofing, I guess anyone posting YT links should preempt the possibility of the video being removed later by also searching for, and linking to, the video if it exists on Bitchute. Or just link the Bitchute one and fuck YT.

Edited by BadAlchemy

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35 minutes ago, TheNoSnowMan said:

Not Jim! I hope someone has a mirror for the 'Current Year Cookout'. Possibly the funniest and sadist reflection of what has become of the Millennials.

Edit: Thank fuck, someone else has uploaded it:


This is the one that I remember, funny at points, but mostly horrendous :



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Mister Metokur Bitchute channel:


I've added it my list of naughty things that mummy Youtube says I must not see.

Says it will take him a few days to upload everything. Thereafter, he'll upload trailers only to YT with full vids on Bitchute...

You know something, I never heard of this guy before... was the same with Sargon and others... then along come Google and co with their banning and now, for that very reason alone, I will take an interest, share and support it if it is any good. 

Attempting to stop people saying something just because you don't like it or agree with it never works... and usually backfires on you. 

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7 hours ago, The XYY Man said:

I don't have one single clue as to what this thread is actually all about.

And yet I do not feel that puts me at a disadvantage in any way, shape or form...




I never understood Teletubbies either, but I was a bit out of the target age group.

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