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Thought I would put down a thread for shares you may have seen being ramped hard, but haven't researched enough to actually decide to buy them. Likelihood is they are pump and dumps. I will start with:

PQE (TOR) 30c (Canadian)

NOG (L) 21p

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ZOE formally HNR. 

"The only CBD company on the London stock exchange". I can't see why the fuss. The underlying asset here - hemp - is abundant so the price will tend towards the cost of production which is very little. So these guys process it and have a nice product line? So what - there are tons of North American businesses doing the same. They sell spliffs that don't get you high. How is that booming business?

What am I missing?

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3 hours ago, DownwardSpiral said:

Lots of ramping around BOU (Bould Opportunities) today - speculation that some positive news is on its way.

What do the rampers think BOU is going to become? 

In other news PQE:TOR is off today also. 18% up today 39c from 30c. Looks like a real, cash generative, company with a nice USP and a big ass runway. i would be interested if I wasn't already fully invested. Chart pattern is now good aswell.

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2 minutes ago, 201p said:

What they are smokin' xD


Where are you getting ramped/spammed?




twitter/whatapp group?

Everywhere. The rampers are everywhere! Critical thinking mandatory to avoid getting spikes up one's arse.

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I mentioned BOU (Bould Opportunities) upthread. The ramping has continued and the share price rose 25% today going into a suspension. Those invested are hoping for an RTO and are awaiting news. I haven’t touched this stock but it will be interesting to see what all the fuss is about when, or rather if, that news lands. “Multibagger of the year” is being claimed.

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