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LFRS fiddles whilst Lincolnshire burns...

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4 hours ago, Kwyjibo said:

Firman Sam will be replaced as a mascot by the extinguishers Filbert and Freddy

Filbert - German origin meaning Very Brilliant

Freddy - German origin meaning Peace Ruler

Hideously exclusive as are their white hands.

Edited by Hopeful

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5 hours ago, MrPin said:

It's the Daily Mail again.

Not my rag of choice @MrPin! It's pretty much all over MSM but I used the DM link as it seems to be the only website that still allows comments, and some of them can be an interesting read.

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Superb response from James Martin. A new dosbods hero I think. xD


TV chef James Martin launched a rant against fire crews dropping cartoon character Fireman Sam as their mascot today, branding the move 'pc b******s'.

The Saturday Kitchen star, 47, was incensed when he discovered Lincolnshire and South Wales Fire Services had done away with the children's favourite because he is deemed 'not inclusive enough'.

The Yorkshireman raged: 'Right that's it, Fireman Sam is the last straw I'm done with this pc b******s and 100 identities being taught. In a last stand to this outrageous madness I now wish to be known as an Otter.

'I like other Otters and when you get bored of this c**p in the world join me under water with other Otters, both male and female, and call enough and an end to this madness.'

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