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Brexit betrayal thread - Part 6

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8 minutes ago, Green Devil said:

A last minute deal or and EXTENSION IS probably more likely that macron giving up fishing. 

Possibly..  though I’m actually pretty impressed with Boris’ rhetoric so far..  he seems to be doubling down on retaining our sovereignty and telling Brussels to whistle..    good man.

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Get Trump over here fast. Announce 0% corporation tax and 0% tariffs (excluding retaliatory tariffs). Repeat with the Japanese and Chinese (excluding security sensitive industries for the Chinese).

From what I can piece together from all over the place: [1] Boris Johnson has not signed the copy of the Surrender Bill letter and has sent that unsigned copy to the EU. [2] Under EU law, th

So if I understand it correctly, the wishes of the 52% in the referendum have been "fulfilled" by our MPs: Legislating that no deal has to be removed from the negotiating table Legislat

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22 hours ago, Libspero said:

Have the Europeans announced they are going to build a wall across Ireland yet?

I can highly recommend doing a lap of the M50 round Dublin with an apoplectic Irish cabby explaining to him that the British have committed to not building a hard border and that if one is built it will be their blessed EU that builds it.

It doesn't fit with the usual anti-British script.

For maximum effect these truths are best delivered in the most annoying, fake-posh, southern English accent one can muster.

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I going to 'fess up.

I have no bloody idea whats going in with the negotiations at present. Or who is betraying who.

All I get on searching are items from The Express than then merge with WWWIII and the oncoming snowmegeddon for the this, the last and future winters.

Other than add ski equipment to my survival list for Brexitworldwarsnowmageddon...I am lost..


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    • By Chewing Grass
      Well as we are banned from life we may as well write this years best selling children's book before that witch Rowling does.
      I will start it off, remember it will be aimed at Primary kids and appropriately illustrated in a satirical manner and Boris has a big ego so its probably what he is thinking at the moment.
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    • By spunko
      Now that Boris has likely secured at least 5 years, perhaps even 10 years of being PM, what are DOSBODers predictions for the long term economy and, specifically the imminent early 2020 Budget?
      I am assuming it will be more of what we've seen, stagnation and low growth, a few bungs to the building sector, and probable axing of IHT (to be rebranded as something else no doubt).
      I spotted this strange piece on the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/dec/13/super-rich-family-buy-65m-house-to-celebrate-johnsons-victory . It has all the usual Guardian stuff: rich overseas buyer brings forward purchase now that Corbyn has been ruled out. What the article fails to mention, as reported also by the Graun a few months ago, is that the Tories are mooting an extra 3% SDLT on foreign buyers... I suspect that's why they brought it forward.
    • By spunko
      Continued from part 4.
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