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Absolutely brilliant Italian pop music


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At least there's a warning with these contributions. It's all in Italian. It does help if you can understand the words, but then one thing I've picked up is that many people don't really seem to listen to the words of songs anyway.

I love the sound of Italian pop music. It hasn't reduced itself to "just a drum beat with a vocoder over the top". The imagination and the beauty remain. There are strings, there are real pianos. The melody. It's just so lovely.

I'll pop a few new ones onto the end of the thread periodically, do chip in if any spring to mind. Most of these are modern, so, from the last decade.

Starting with Tiziano Ferro - Lo Stadio (The Stadium). 

From 2015. Think: One Night Only - Just for Tonight crossed with The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition and then lifted up a bit.

Moving on to the very poetic Francesco Gabbani and Amen, also from 2015. This guy is marvellous.

The people, they go forward, hoping for a new miracle
We forget everything with Amen
That rich aesthetic look to the poor in spirit
They forget everything with Amen

Next up and from 2017, here's Elisa with Ogni Istante (Every moment)

The beauty of this is a thing to behold. That guitar and that bassline and drum-work, especially in the bridge.

The message. Always live, every moment

If you like that but think "Wouldn't it be great to have a 12" version with the build at the start and the best bits emphasised, especially that drum-work and guitar, and to see a live performance".. here it is.


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Next, for Carl Brave. Another poet.

The detail in this is amazing. We really don't have anything like this.

"Posso" (I Can) - from last year

.. and the rap isn't the sort of aggressive crap we get over here moaning about how life is so bad in da ghetto.

It's much more like some of the rap from the 1990s. To give an example of how beautiful rap can be, this is Coez with "È sempre bello" (It's Always Nice). Look where it's filmed.. from this year.


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Finally for tonight, my favourite group. The lead-singer has recently decided to leave the group, the reason seems unclear, but I do hope that isn't the end. Might be another George Michael/Wham thing.

So very Italian in spirit, in visuals and in message.

The Giornalisti - Completamente (Completely) - from 2016

.. and one from last year, my favourite of that year. Absolutely amazing. Has me in tears.

"L'Ultimo Giorno della Terra" (The Last Day of the Earth) - which is a metaphor for the break-up of a relationship. The highs and lows, the musical notes, the euphoria versus the sorrow.


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Tonight's instalment - a song most probably think was English, but was in fact an Italian project (singer from NI). Here, mixed with one of their national treasures, Lucio Battisti:

Baltimora Vs Lucio Battisti - Tarzan boy con il nastro rosa - Paolo Monti mash up 2018


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This one certainly won't be to everyone's tastes. But it's an absolute blast.

Fabio Rovazzi is a young star (25, I think) and had never achieved much success until he teamed up with their 'Cliff Richard', a guy called Gianni Morandi, who clearly has a sense of humour and probably needed a career boost at a later age.

The song is called "Fly" and the metaphor is that the young guy has got the older guy high. The clue is in the lyrics and video.

Which starts with the guy about to die telling the young guy that he needs to make a song "with the only guy who is not horrible" before he passes. They capture Gianni (a star from their biggest TV series Gomorrah features here) and force him to do the song. I think it's hilarious. It's the video that "makes it".

The refrain in the chorus:

I'm flying, please don't disturb me
My real problem is how to land

Fabio Rovazzi (feat. Gianni Morandi) - Volare (2017)


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Finally for tonight - back to this year and The Giornalisti.

My favourite of the year so far. "In the story we are all Maradonna and Pele, and better Pele"

Thegiornalisti - Maradona y Pelé (2019)


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My favourite Italian artists are Malika Ayane,Annalisa Scarrone,Chiara,Arisa etc.Iv loved Italian music for a long long time and one of my favourite weeks o the year is streaming the Sanremo festival and getting blind drunk watching it.Italians just drip class.

Stunning bit of Sanremo jury winning class 

The wonderful Annalisa,showing how a beautiful girl can still blast out amazing vocals,stunning,

The incredible Chiara,vocal control right up the range,beautiful


A bit of heaven,utter divine masterpiece from Arisa,

Lastly this is how an amazing young artist delivers a song,brutal how good she is the fantastic Francesca Michielin


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That Annalisa track is particularly stunning. Lovely pick.

I'd only seen her in the video with Benji e Fede before (there's something for everyone in that one) - she's much more than I had thought.

Funky Latino pop song.

Benji e Fede feat Annalisa - Tutto per una ragione (All for a reason)

Likewise I knew Francesca Michielin from a couple of tracks. She's rather stunning in this one (even I can spot that, you'd need to be blind not to), which reminds me of that Everything But the Girl track from the mid 1990s..

Fransesca Michielin - Vulcano (Volcano)

.. and this one, teaming up with two other great artists, and with a brilliant video from the team behind The Simpsons and which makes the track:

Carl Brave / Francesca Michielin / Fabri Fibra - Fotographia (Photography)


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Do you particularly like the female crooners?

This was set as an exercise by one of my tutors - write down and translate. From a month ago. Must admit it has grown on me. It has something.

Giordana Angi - Stringimi Più Forte (Hold Me Tighter)


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Some 80s throwback sounds now. Sounding quite a lot like the melody for Kylie and Jason's Especially for You, from a long-established artist who happens to look rather a lot like Simon Rimmer. From 2017. If you liked the 80s, you should love this one.

Biagio Antonacci - In mezzo al mondo (In the middle of the world)

.. and sticking with the cheesy pop theme this is the one that started it all for me.

OK, it's a barely disguised reworking of Jess Glynne's Hold my Hand but it's still a lot of fun. It's actually in my all-time top five. Walter Massa is just.. bonkers. Absolutely mad.

Massa Fanelli - Estate (Summer)


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Elisa and Alesssandra Amoroso,love both of them.

Mika and Chiara ,sublime,world class pop and a full orchestra,and just look at the backdrop,one of the worlds finest cathedrals.

Doesnt get much better than this Fedez is superb but Francesca lifts it in orbit,the girl next door simplicity against the groupie girls delivers the narrative.Italian music is by far the best in the world for me.

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That Comunque Andare video you posted is in my regular playlist. She really reminds me of T'Pal (spelling?) from the series Star Trek Enterprise. There's a "making of" video for the video for that one online somewhere and she's just so amazingly lovely. Those two together are brilliant.

And Italian music is indeed the best in the world. The melding of passion, culture and melody has no rival. I wasn't expecting to find a kindred spirit on here :)

Kyras - Voci Nel Vento (Voices in the Wind)

(Speaking of backdrops - capodanno, perhaps?)

.. and this one is just amazing. One of their national treasures. That break/pause and come back with such force is rarely done and it works so well. There's so much going on in this one. I dare anyone to dislike this. And if they say that they do, they're lying.

Vasco Rossi - Ti Prendo E Ti Porto Via (I Take You and Bring You Away)


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Yet more of TheGiornalisti - the video for this is taken from the first Italian film I ever watched senza sottotitoli (without subtitles) and was able to get near-perfectly. It is absolutely fantastic, so funny. Acqua e Sapone. Strongly recommended.

Thegiornalisti - Fatto di te (Made of You)

I do love this even though it contains what I suspect is a blatant homophobic slur. But I'm not completely certain so I'll ignore it.

Simone Perrone - Musica di Merda (Shit Music)



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For something a little more downbeat.. it opens out so very beautifully.

Neffa - Lontano Dal Tuo Sole (Far from your Sun)

My favourite DJ and producer - released on Valentine's Day. One of her finest achievements. Some may find this a little sugary. I think it's beautiful.

Paola Peroni feat Diana - Too Much Love (one in English!)


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Piano ballad. Perhaps slightly formulaic, but what a voice.

Sergio Sylvestre - Con Te (With You)

And for something completely different, the slightly insane Caparezza. Really creative rap.

Caparezza - Ti Fa Stare Bene (It Makes You Feel Good)


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Next, for a woman who sounds like Rod Stewart. Possibly a coming-out song. Really lovely. She really performs this one. Lovely 80s-throwback imagery.

Gianna Nannini - Fenomenale (Phenomenal)

.. and this video is one of a series from this group. Really creative stuff and some unusual sounds.

negramaro - fino all'imbrunire (Until Dusk)


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Last one for tonight. One of my favourites.

The vocabulary on this one had me so, so puzzled for so long. Such a good video. That piano tinkling away. Everything that a pop song should be.

Francesco Gabbani - Pachidermi e Pappagalli (Pachyderms and Parrots [pachyderms are animals with thick skin such as elephants])


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The Giornalisti - Milano Roma

Up-tempo pop blast from 2018. A bit of an anthem.

Milano Roma
Non c'è nessuno che guarda dentro me
Milano Roma
Ti chiedo aiuto se sto in sbattimento sì
Milano Roma
Vorrei dei figli e un appartamento al sole
E invece ancora
Milano Roma
Milano Roma

Milan Rome
There is no one else who sees inside me
Milan Rome
I ask for help, I can't decide
Milan Rome
I would like to have my children and a sunny apartment
And yet, still
Milan Rome
Milan Rome

And to this year, and something completely different: this is simply awesome. The winner of San Remo who would have gone on to perform at and maybe win Eurovision with this.


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