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Best Trading Platform for Investment Trusts


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I’ve been trading quite happily with Barclays for many years..  but since they’ve been hit with PPI claims their trading cost have skyrocketed..  and I’m not sure I’m particularly interested in paying for their shortfall.

So I’m looking around..  and X-O looks the best value platform I can find.

Does anybody have any experience of them?  Good / Bad?

What’s their trading platform like to use?

Any better recommendations?

I would be looking to transfer a stocks and shares ISA portfolio and a SIPP portfolio.

Any guidance from the DOSBODs guild of amateur investors?  :Passusabeer:

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I'm using AJ Bell for my ISA and am happy so far.  I'm only buying stocks at the moment and have no experience of other platforms so can't compare.  A little while back they were asking current investors to recommend them and would have paid out some cash to the person doing the reccommendation  (and the new investor(?) can't remember)..............

.........shame we could've cashed in there! :)

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Thanks Janch,

Barclays actually contract AJ Bell to manage their pension accounts, so technically my SIPP is already with them.

I don’t have an issue with their service,  but their fees aren’t the most competitive I don’t think.

Been interesting digging around to better understand the market though.

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I am a bit concerned about XO though.

I contacted their customer service team with two trivial questions to see what their customer service is like..   three days later, no reply.  Not looking good.

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