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A Dirty Shame (film)

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7 minutes ago, MrPin said:

John Waters is a funny director.

See "Cry Baby" and (the original) "Hairspray".

The remake was a dud.

The Cry Baby remake allowed Travolta to ply at being a woman/gay.

Amazing that Traci Lords from the original - famous from her 'films'  over 30 years ago - is still pretty hot..

She must have made those pretty young ....

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11 minutes ago, Frank Hovis said:

Fair play to Tracey Ullman, I didn't realise that she was such a risk-taker.

If I was an actor I would be very wary if signing up for a John Walters or Michael Nyman film.

There's a scene where they are gathered round and, from drunk/stoned memory, her character proves shes into the whole swinging thang by sitting on a bottle. It was pretty outrageous when you consider the big name actors in the film.

Selma Blair's boobs are great.

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