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Dave Bloke

France moves to UK style tennancies

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France is planning to introduce legislation to introduce short tenancy agreements of 3 to 12 months. France currently has 3 year tenancies for unfurnished accommodation and 12 month agreements for furnished accommodation. This has led landlords to "game the system" by sticking a few bits of thrift store furnishings in a property or worse to either remove properties from the rental market or rent them on AirBnB.

It is estimated that 100K properties in Paris are currently empty with another 100K on AirBnB.

Paris also plans a 400% increase in council tax for second properties. Council tax for a typical one bed flat would increase from 1000 euros to 4000 euros under this proposal.

Since the previous socialist government introduced rent controls in Paris the number of properties on the market has dried up. The Macron government would like to attract entrepreneurs (under a new visa scheme) and London bankers to the capital but it is almost impossible to find rental property, especially for foreigners with no French employment history. The fact that large parts of the capital are now covered in shanty towns probably doesn't help either.



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Short term Rentrification of Paris - bet their owner occupier demand is plummeting, got to drum up demand and also make space for new arrivals and their version of BTL scum lording.


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Might be worth adding that renting in France is pretty much the exact opposite to renting in the UK.

In the UK, the landlord can pretty much do as he likes - if his serfs tenants moan about the leaking roof, he can simply boot them out and get a more compliant lot in. He can put up the rent whenever he wants, to whatever figure he wants. Not happy? Tough.

In France, it's the opposite. Tenants are really, really, really protected. There's a very limited list of reasons for evicting a tenant. In winter you can't evict a tenant - full stop. Even if (for example) they stop paying rent.

This has led to a market that is just as dysfunctional as in the UK, but for different reasons. As Davidg says, it's really hard to rent a place without a rock solid employment history. Temp contract, self-employed, just arrived in France? Then landlords won't even talk to you.

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