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Vent Your Rent


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Don't really know who it's aimed at. Millennials? Anyone who doesn't own and lives in a city near the jobs knows rents are a piss take. Boomers? They own most the BTL and are doing very well living like rentier vampires off their and others children. Politicians? They couldn't give a fuck.

Seems bit of a wasted effort really.

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I like the idea, but it looks like it's run by another leftwing think tank that builds websites. https://commonknowledge.coop/

If I were to propose a similar website to show clearly on a map the shortage of housing vs the number of migrants in that area that have arrived since 2004,, would they build that website? Let's find out!


I also think their message would have been stronger with 1 or 2 demands, not 5. Haven't heard of the landlord register idea before, but there have been calls for an animal abuse register for about 30 years and still there isn't one.

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