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One percent

First they cam for the dinner ladies...

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...and I did not speak for I was not a dinner lady.


this one has it all.  Selected sections from the article:

A primary school dinner lady who attended a march co-organised by former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson has been suspended. 

Rachel Booth was at the rally on 11 June in Manchester, which organisers said was "against Islamic hate".

She said she attended in sympathy for the victims of the Manchester attack that killed 22 people on 22 May.




"The grounds for suspending me are it was an EDL march, which is a load of rubbish. Even if I was part of the EDL, which I'm certainly not, it should not have affected my job."

She said she attended with her mixed race husband, who is a former serviceman, to show solidarity with the bombing victims, not to support far-right extremism.

"I thought it was for the children and so I went," she added.


the most intriguing bit:


In a letter to the school, Mohammed Fyaz, one of the march's organisers, wrote "the event in question was not organised by or linked to the EDL in any way".

He added: "In the democracy in which we live political, religious and moral issues should be allowed to be discussed, questioned and at times challenged freely, without fear of persecution or discrimination."


i really have no clue as to how to respond to this so open it up to the dosbods massive 

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