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Wall building



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Caravan Monster

Assuming it is retaining soil, reinforcing the wall against being pushed out as the soil settles is worth considering. Also, if the wall is going to be wet from the soil, select bricks that are less likely to shatter in the frost. Conventionally even little garden walls would be built off a concrete foundation of some sort, say 4" deep and a bit wider than the wall.

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I use whatever is cheap & handy. 2x2 or 3x2 flagstones are fine (or use broken ones from a local builders merchant - often free !), breezeblocks on their sides, or (if you have surplus bricks to use up) lay the first row on their edge at 90* to the wall. Overkill but another option is to dig a trench and pour in cement to make a proper foundation. If it's a long wall consider adding a buttress (search is your friend !) every few yards for additional strength - not essential but maybe worth while. A lot depends if it's a fun project at the allotment or a feature-piece at home that you want to to last for generations.

Another style I've seen is a raised bed made out of heavy timbers (railways sleepers, floorboards etc), something to think about ?

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Funnily enough I did this quite recently for the same purpose. Didn't bother with buttresses, I just used a stronger mix. Built with walls on a base of Type 1 and general crushed ballast crap. I'd recommend hiring a compactor.

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