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Diabetes lottery

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Channel flipping. Switched to the itv run one - George and Mildred. She used to be a bloke right?

Very cheap ads on.

Diabetes lottery!

Cheap actors, dancing, glitter.

If the diabetes fuckers (type 2) shufted theur fucking lard arses there would be no problem ffs.

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Perhaps Dee Hepburn could be persuaded to put on ten-stone, have eight kids to six different fathers, and get covered in tattoos to appear in the sequel to her 1981 film debut alongside John Duncan Sinclair...

...wait for it...

....Greggs-ory's Girl...!!!





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12 minutes ago, TheBlueCat said:

Lard is a contributory factor for many but not all. My dad, who was cycling 200+ miles a week well into his 70s and was built like a whippet had it. Mind you, that's not what killed him so I guess that shows something too.

You have to ignore the exceptions 

everyone has heard about the 130 year old who smoked everyday 👍

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