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The Masked Tulip

Nice lorry attack - one year ago tonight

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Just now, The Masked Tulip said:

One year ago tonight. Amazing how long ago it seem when it is just a year. So many similar attacks have happened all over the Western world since. So many lorry attacks, so many knife attacks, so many deniers, so many apologists.

Is the So-Called BBC doing a reminder of this or has it all,been forgotten and swept under the carpet? 

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      An ambulance worker said he was "blown away" when a stranger paid his petrol bill as a thank you to people who "do a fantastic job".
      Emergency medical technician Tony Jones, of Rochdale, said he was "humbled" by the random act of kindness on his way to a night shift on Sunday.
      Mr Coray told the So-Called BBC: "People in the emergency services, teachers, carers, armed forces just don't get the recognition they deserve and I was able to show this gentleman that he and his colleagues are appreciated a lot more than they think."
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