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  1. reformed nice guy

    reformed nice guy

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    • By Bear Hug
      I am considering visiting Scafell Pike on weekend. It's a long drive (6 hours?) so it would be better to stay somewhere overnight.  However, all places on hotels.com are saying that I may be asked for proof of essential travel. 
      Has anyone had any luck booking a hotel recently? I could call directly and ask. Or, any advice on camping in the wild?
      Worst case scenario, I'd drive there in the evening and sleep in a car for a bit. 
      I also cannot find any information on the current state of the car parks there. Open or closed etc. 
    • By Chewing Grass
      Just been in the kitchen for an early lunch / late breakfast, looked in the fridge, now thinking can't open that, dates ok on that, don't want to waste that etc.
      Whole different mindset, thinking what should I eat.
      Noticed a tomato was on the turn so
      1 Tomato (sliced)
      2 Slices Bread (toasted)
      Cheese sliced.
      Tomato slices griddled with twist of black pepper, light sprinkling of salt and splash of vinegar for 3 to 4 mins until soft.
      Assemble on toast.
    • By Vendetta
      My favourite part of Dosbods is the concentration of information, facts and figures posted here.
      @Chewing Grass has posted some really useful graphs on infection and mortality rate.

      I was thinking a thread of COVID19 graphs, charts and data - all found in one place might enhance our experience? 
      @Chewing Grass Please repost some of your best data if you could.
      Right then...I will start it off.... 

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