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Dave Beans

One hit wonders

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10 hours ago, Dave Beans said:

Utterly soppy as shit, but I really like the simple bass line...


I know what you mean about the bass playing. It has a certain quality to it.

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15 hours ago, blobloblob said:

Hang on a more - Reef, Suzanne Vega - one hit wonders?

Indeed, even if you were going to say Suzanne Vega was a one hit wonder you would need to be picking Luka which was No. 3 in the states. 

Although does point to the differing criteria on one hit wonders, here in the UK it's generally (or certainly was) more a novelty record thing, in the US it was a more broader term that Reef may well fit into, one big hit but not a lot else. Having said that they can't make their minds up as Rick Astley often gets mentioned as a one hit wonder in the US, despite having 2 number ones and 5 in the top ten, which is pretty good going in the US. 



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