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Vanguard SIPP


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Vanguard have finally got their SIPP to market.

It's not like a normal SIPP where you can buy shares, the choices are more limited:



The key details of our personal pension are:

Low account fee of just 0.15% a year capped at £375. The cap applies across all accounts in an investor's name on the Vanguard Personal Investor platform, including the SIPP, ISA, and general account.

Invest from just £100 a month or with an initial lump sum of £500.

Access to 77 high-quality, low-cost, broadly diversified funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), including Vanguard's Target Retirement Fund and LifeStrategy ranges.

No hidden investing charges.




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8 minutes ago, Popuplights said:

Cheers. Have been waiting for that. 

Can you see if they allow transfers in? I couldn't.



Presumably it gets transferred in as cash. Not sure if the current situation with financial markets maybe on the brink of a downturn through recession and China supply chain knock-on effect means staying in cash for a while makes sense rather than re-investing 'at the top'.

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