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One percent

Robots feel pain too (and then commit suicide

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Another angle - it looks like a pre-dalek design. Those steps down to the fountain aren't gated or have a barrier - so a toddler could also fall in there.

Plot twist - a troll pushed it in!

2nd Plot Twist - it's a PR stunt for the new Dr Who!

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The robot is fitted with ...


The ADM sensor payload includes light detection and ranging (LIDAR) devices; high-definition, low-light video cameras; thermal imaging; automatic license plate recognition (ALPR); directional microphones; proximity sensors; inertial measurement unit; wheel encoders; and a global positioning system (GPS).

Source :- http://www.knightscope.com/faq/

So it probably saw the water as a black void or a flat floor.... BEEP! BEEP SPLASH!


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It might have trouble detecting mirrored surfaces - maybe you could approach it with a large mirror. The water reflections that scatter light, like you say, it couldn't see.

Or use that infamous grey Man Utd shirt. Instant invisibility.


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