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Research - markets, precious metals


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I need to write some articles - ongoing - for a client about markets, and in particular, precious metals markets.

While the articles aren't meant to predict anything as such, they should draw attention to key milestones - banking, political, geo-political - which impact the prices of gold and other metals.

Or those which impact stock markets or currencies, in turn impacting precious metals.

Kitco is a great site to keep an eye on; Reuters is useful for the geo-politics, suspect I could do with a FT subscription.

I do have a fairly good working knowledge of "things to do with markets" and how these things are connected together/the monetary system/how gold is used as a hedge, but I've only ever viewed all of this "from a distance" and largely "after the event" - because I wasn't actually monitoring.

It would be really helpful to know which sites you keep an eye on (paywall and/or free).. and what they indicate to you?

Thanks for any links.

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I'd probably just use a ghost writer Mark and pay for them to write them, as long as you're charging the client more you'll be quids in. Otherwise it'll be a false economy if you are learning on the job at the same time while having to write about it. Time is precious etc.

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All that matters is price action. There is no 100% cause and effect flow between fundamentals and price. For example in most circumstances, when the Gulf War was announced, the price of gold went down when it should have gone up.This was heralded by the bulls as "manipulation". But who really knows what happened?

Kitco is more than sufficient.

Like in all fields - most outlets will be bullish-at-all-times on the said industry. They are usually started by investors, and wish to peddle or ramp their position as they are vested interests.

Property experts - bullish.

Gold experts - bullish!


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