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Teacher Pension Scheme.

Probably the biggest thread crosser Ive posted.


The employer contribution that colleges, schools and post-1992 universities pay to the Teacher Pension Scheme will rise from 16.48% to 23.68% in September 2019 - an increase of more than 40%.

Here is an explanation of what is going on and some context.

  • A 23.68% employer contribution from September 2019: All TPS employers will pay the higher 23.68% contribution from September 2019. The contribution includes a 0.08% levy to pay for administration. The underlying rate rises by 43% from 16.4% to 23.6%. There is no change in the income-related contributions that teacher pay (which average 9.6% of salary).
  • Increases across all public sector schemes: There are increases across all public sector schemes from April 2019. The NHS employer contribution is rising from 14.3% to 20.6%. The Civil service contribution is rising by about 6% to between 26% and 30%, Police, firefighter and other contributions also rise. The teacher increase was deferred to September 2019 to make budgeting easier.
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Heres the crossing bits

1. Private sector sub - Private schools teachers can join the TPS. Or they could. Private schools are balking at the extra contribution.

Totally nuts, as the TPS is backed by UKGOV.


2. Cost of public sector. When you see the pension costs, down in numbers, it just shows how expensive the public sector is. Not that  people running them seem to grasp that, letting people have ~30days/sick/yaar, throwing body after body at work.

Theres a the gulf between the private and public sector in terms of bums on seats. Secretarial and admin staff barely exist i nthe private sector. In the NHS, both those  roles seem to take up 50% fo the staffing.e

The level of automation in the private sector is good.

Public sector its women walking around with bits of paper - assumign heyve not took the day off sick.

3. The school funding cuts are no such thing. Its the expense of the teachers.

4. Sexual discrimination. A mjor part of the cost is the out sized number of women in the public sector. Depending where you look it can range between 60-70% women to mail ratio. 

Forget glass ceiling or gender paygaps. The cost of women, paid the same as a man, with a DB pension is about 50% more. It was even worse when female pension age was 60. Totally fucking insane - average life expectancy of a public sector bloke at pension age is ~20 years. Figure for woman - ~30 years.

The truly insane do not even consider employing are  WPCs.


5. Cst of QE/ZIRP. Its huge when it comes to pension actuarial cost. Brown, followed by QEhas destroyed private sector pensions. Then the poor private sector worker is expected o pit up the vast extra cost of public sector DB.



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