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The Masked Tulip

Student 'tried to replicate pornographic film' on city streets

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I started a thread about this chap -  Hamza Ali -  when it was first reported that he had exposed himself in a residential shopping centre in the West of Swansea.

However, as I was unprepared for his defence plea, I think it deserves its own newer thread.

Apparently he was trying to replicate bits - no pun intended - from a pornographic film. Despite the magistrates being concerned by his “total lack of remorse or understanding” about the seriousness of what he had done and the impact on his vulnerable victims, they sentenced him to just 15 weeks in prison sentenced for 2 years.


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When she approached the car with her lighter she could see Ali’s trousers were down, and his penis was exposed.

The woman - who was in her 30s - grabbed the driver by his chest then shouted to fellow smokers outside the pub, “come and have a look at this!”

Ali drove off but then turned the car around and drove past the pub “making a kissing gesture” towards his victim.

As chat-up routines go, it wants a bit of work, to be honest.

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