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Best Coronavirus Memes


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Alonso Quijano

Telegraph have sacked Bob Moran @bobscartoons following the incident with the Doctor. Just the latest casualty in the War on Life.



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37 minutes ago, apples said:

Example of Poe's law:


Their huge banner starts off as nonsense "screw force kill take comply...."  but starts to make sense at the end.

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Bien Pensant
4 hours ago, apples said:

Poe's law* again? xD

*Which is, I suppose, why we have emojis.

Edit to add: It is 'legit', the Daily Mail's picked it up - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10077053/Why-vaccinated-Australians-shouldnt-freak-catch-Covid-GOOD-them.html

The top comment is: "Propaganda wheels are falling off.."

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Can someone MEME this with a new name label?  Something like : IKEA releases new bookcase for double vaxxed people only.  



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