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Motley Fool


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11 minutes ago, Popuplights said:

I just unsubscribed from their email last night. 

It's awful.  I suspect many of their writers have lost a few quid

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3 hours ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:



The stock market crash may continue but I’m still buying FTSE 100 bargain shares today



Do this lot get paid to ramp shares ?

Yes clearly.


their advice has always been the polar opposite to what this forum has said makin FM me think they are paid shills

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just say this one from the Motley Morons




Can the Glencore share price ever return to 400p?


"It isn’t without risk. But in my view, the shares are starting to look tempting. A return to 400p could take some time, but I think the stock could be worth buying at current levels."


Share price approx 236 in Aug 2019...now at


Glencore PLC


134.04 GBX −7.44 (5.26%)



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I used to read their boards a while back and they had useful commentary - I still have a fondness for high yield shares.  Some years back they closed down the boards (now moved to lemonfool) and all that was left was uncritical ramping and trying to get you to subscribe to some sort of "share tips" newsletter.

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