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Reflation Stocks ?

No One

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This is a really hard one to ponder. They said the war would end by Christmas. Little did people know it would last 7 years.

Leisure, hospitality, and travel will be on life support for the foreseeable future. Despite this budget, some will go to the wall, so if you plan to invest in these stocks, look for the strongest ones. Maybe restaurants will still have cashflow from deliveries - this is what happened in China.

If this becomes a V shaped recovery, this is one of the biggest opportunities in a life time, but I just can't see that right now. 

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I'd say the banks, this isn't the financial crisis of 2008 and with the GBP crashing and no longer beholden to EU monetary policy (thank god) the only way out is to print money like never before. Once the fires have been put out I expect to see a debt jubilee of sorts and a restart. Banks will do very well with all this new money.

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