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"A message from our CEO about Coronavirus"


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Virgil Caine
Just now, spunko said:





That's better.


Anyone else had 100s of these fucking emails now? I don't care leave me alone!


I am getting them every bloody day at work.

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It’s worse than the GDPR debacle with the amounts of emails.

I also follow a few shops on Instagram. It’s all, we’re closing, we’re not closing. We’re taking extra measures, we’re cleaning everything yada yada yada. It makes no difference people ain’t going to their shops.

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The issipue is CEO are paid the chair, plan and make hard decisions.

All they've done is pay out loads of money to themselves and cut workers, heaping more work n risk on a smaller n smaller pool of workers.

See Boing.

A large number if orgs are now fucked.

 A large number are going to get turned over by orgs that are mainly software based.

If you are an org with 20+ workers and dont have full-time, expensive software people then you are probably fucked.



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Not from the CEO, but yes from the European Big Kahuna (who is actually a decent bloke, especially by the American Psycho standards of most senior managers I’ve know - I spent a weekend cycling on Majorca with him so can confirm he is OK). We even got a personalised email with a (to everyone) video message, so somebody knows how to use email.... maybe not him though.

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Only two so far. One from my energy supplier and one from Santander. Was hoping the latter might also apologise for dropping the savings rate of the 321 accounts prior to all this nonsense. Nah, just telling all the oldies to use Internet Banking as branches and call centres are now a thing of the past.*

*OK, that's slightly exaggerated but they're not going to miss an opportunity to get everyone using IB and then, AC (after corona), use that as an excuse to close more branches.

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I’ve had a few emails like that. Many corps are shitting themselves as much as many plebs are with the world changing dramatically in such a short time.


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