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Digging out the Ray Mears DVDs - will he do a Pandemic series?


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I have nearly all the DVDs. One of the better shows was the sea survival programme.

Mental preparation was important to being able to adapt to ever changing situations.

He tells the story of a ship sinking. In one life boat were the officers and the captain, and in the other were the general sailors.

In the officers life boat, the captain was deflated having lost the ship, and officers didn't organise themselves. Water was in the lifeboat, soaking them.

On the other lifeboat, with the sailors, they organised themselves, and got to work with chores. Water was expelled.


When the life boats were eventually picked up, they had found that the officers life boat in bad condition. The people on board were in poor health, are would have died if left out any longer.

In the second life boat they had found to their surprise, the sailors were in good health.

4mins in


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Watched Ray was my inspiration to go and see the World. I ended up drunk in youth hostels most of the time but the lessons he taught me have stayed with me. Thank fuck. As you say the best lesson of all was the fact he was fucking loving it, dumped in some dusty shithole making a hut out whale bones and he's packing on the pounds and doesn't want to go home. That's the spirit. 

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