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UK Govt Coronavirus Response: Sceptics Thread

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sancho panza

Brilliant interview here with former Professor of Pathology and Dr of 30 years,John Lee.He covers most of the major issues with covid the disease and explains how the Lockdown hasn't/won't work,why many NPI's such as masks don't work.

All in all,if you watch one video from the last year,it should be this one.



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My partners last shift tonight SP (nurse in the community).The bosses are all at home,providing zero PPE and sending her on calls to get someones shopping when they have family in the same street and

As someone who has been sceptical about the UK Govts response to Covid 19,I have found I am in good company...... Whilst no one is in any doubt that an excess number of people are currently dying

Church finally turns up at the frontline.About time.They're getting it. https://lockdownsceptics.org/2021/04/14/christian-leaders-warn-against-the-introduction-of-medical-apartheid-under-a-vaccin

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sancho panza
Posted (edited)

Interesting to see how this squares with equality laws as numerous people won't be able to have the vaccine.

I still haven't had mine,so it looks like EU is off the travel list.


The European Commission proposed easing restrictions on business and leisure travel for those who have been fully inoculated against Covid-19, adding to signs of a gradual return to normalcy as vaccinations gather pace.


The European Union’s executive arm recommended welcoming tourists from countries with relatively low infection rates as well as those who are fully vaccinated, according to a statement Monday. The proposals require approval from member states and a Commission official said he was hopeful they would be adopted by the end of this month.


The new parameters would replace a current blanket ban for non-essential travel to the EU for residents of all but a handful of countries that has been in place for more than a year.

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sancho panza

I read in the FT now that the govt is admitting to 41 deaths linked to blood clots caused by AZ vaccine.

As I've said previously,I'd be interested to know how many have died within 28 days of vaccination.

Amazing that these deaths were intially missed by the MHRA depsite issues in Norway etc.


Quite how they expect to view these admissions as a sign to reinforce faith in govt covid policy,I don't know.

I suspect the 150,000+ NHS hold outs and 30% of care home workers who've not had the jab thus far,won't have been tempted from their foxholes by these figures.

Personally,I'm not an anti vaxxer,far from it,but I have kids to raise and noone to raise them in my place if I die.I reserve my right to take my chances of surviving covid over my chances of surviving the vaccine.The MHRA galring incompetence fills me with dread ref the vaccine.



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