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And if I add up all those appearance fees perhaps at the end of the year my freelance income will be also be five figures. Sadly, there will be a decimal point somewhere in there, more’s the pity.

She could be talking about my pension and investment income, more's the pity. :(

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2 hours ago, TheNoSnowMan said:


Read the very first line to find our description of the So-Called BBC is going mainstream!






But back to the poor downtrodden #bbcwomen. Let’s ask ourselves, what do these women do for their salaries - most of which l assume for now are close to the £100,000 mark. Do they look after someone’s kids, cure cancer, change the bed ban of your elderly mother, fix your heart, plumb your toilet so you are not swimming in sh*t while having to listen to the Today programme, fix your car, make a very nice handbag/shoe/coat, build a house, fix your electrics thereby preventing you and yours from being lit up like a Christmas tree and falling over dead, or offer any of the many hundreds of thousands of services they could provide or goods they could produce?

Give timely balanced commentary.  Give commentary that helps to support ordinary people and expose the vested interest lies.  Ask difficult questions.

Do they do any of these things? No.


Additional reality points in bold.  Those points apply to the male commentators as well.

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