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Elliptic cross-trainers

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Anyone got one? Any recommendations?

I want a decent one that will cope and be comfortable for someone my size (185cm/92kg), most of the home ones are a bit pathetic and aimed at the most profitable market of being used by a woman for three weeks then put in the garage for ever.

It's obviously going to have to be quite big, but if not the size of Titanic that'd be good.

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4 minutes ago, MrPin said:

That's an elaborate device. Why not just walk up a mountain with an accordian?

I'd be delighted to walk up mountains instead at the moment, but unfortunately the nearest ones are all over the French border. All the usual "quiet" border crossings where I could escape attention are closed, and the big ones are manned with coppers asking questions about where you're going and why etc. I think all but key workers are turned around.

I could perhaps drive to the border with the bike in the car, park up, cross and do the last few km on the bike, lock it up somewhere at the beginning of the walk, then return after the walk on the bike to the car, but frankly that's too much of a time-consuming pain in the arse.



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We've got this one.


I'd really recommend it. Takes up to 110kg and you have three options for placing the pedals (?) so you'll be able to adjust it for your height. My husband's a bit taller than you and it seems ok for him on the middle setting but he's a lazy git so hasn't used it much. It's really solidly built and fairly quiet as long as you regularly tighten the bolts. Assembly wasn't too bad but there is a point where you need at least three hands.

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