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Inhaling Collodial Silver

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Sarah's "Vitamins vap" thread, and recent controversy about some of Trump's ideas made me wonder if one could get collodial silver into the lungs. Obviously not something to do at home, but as a research project against the Coronavirus. As a quack cure, these references are mostly from unverified, non peer review sources, of course.

Silver was used before antibiotics to kill bugs, and is very effective against viruses - outside the body. The main question relating to the internal use of collodial silver is the silver's internal toxicity. Fans claim that the pharma industry isn't interested, as it's cheap for anyone (with a bit of silver) to make and not possible to patent. 

I found this: https://www.quora.com/Can-you-vape-a-colloidal-silver?share=1


Yes, you can vape colloidal silver. But just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. There are far better and safer ways to get small amounts of colloidal silver into the lungs, if you feel the need to, such as to help the body fight an active, upper respiratory infection.

The problem with vaping colloidal silver is that while the liquid steam from the vaporized water may well be cooled off by the time it reaches the lungs, the tiny, sub-microscopic silver particles in that steam might still be hot. And that could potentially damage the tender membranes of the lungs, over time.

A far better way to inhale colloidal silver into the lungs is to use a device called a medical nebulizer, which does not use heat to vaporize the water containing the silver particles, but instead, uses a completely different process, i.e., a small compressor inside the nebulizer causes compressed air to flow at high velocity through the liquid in order to turn it into an aerosol. Since there is no heat involved, there is no potential problem with inhaling heated silver particles.

While many natural health enthusiasts nebulize colloidal silver for short periods of time when they have upper respiratory infections, there are nevertheless some cautions. To learn more about the cautions as well as the acknowledged benefits, see the detailed article here: Using Colloidal Silver With a Nebulizer

So, even the author of 'The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual' thinks vaping is a bad idea!

The link at the end of the above quote goes to a Silver bug site, with this video about nebulising it:

 This silver bug claims:


Back in October 2001 the prestigious Health Sciences Institute pointed out that nebulizing colloidal silver directly into the lungs is one of the fastest ways of effectively eliminating serious upper respiratory infections, including bronchitis and pneumonia.

One of their well-known health symposium panelists, Dr. Victor A. Marcial-Vega, M.D., had discovered, while dealing with pneumonia patients, that colloidal silver can be quickly and easily atomized into a fine mist and inhaled into the lungs using a device called a nebulizer. The silver is then easily carried into the human blood stream and from there directly into the body’s cells and tissues.

The apparent result was rapid and highly effective remission of pneumonia symptoms, as the tiny silver particles in the colloidal silver killed the infectious agents causing the pneumonia.

What’s more, a clinical study on animals was conducted several years ago in which inhalation of silver nanoparticles appeared to provide miraculous protection against pneumonia infection.

but he also says:


However…additional safety studies on animals have found that long-term inhalation of silver into the lungs can lead to accumulation of silver in the soft tissues of the lungs, as well as inflammation, reduced lung function and other problems.

While these animal studies are not conclusive regarding the safety of nebulizing colloidal silver into the lungs, they do indicate that until human safety studies are conducted, significant caution and common sense should be utilized when considering such a means of delivering colloidal silver into the body.

From this (interesting) Wired article: https://www.wired.com/story/does-colloidal-silver-work/ this enthusiast looks like, as mentioned in the Trump thread, a Smurf:


This woman has found a different delivery method!:


 Worthy of a research project, surely?

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Not inhaling it, but just coating ventilators with silver inhibits (ventilator-associated) pneumonia apparently: https://source.wustl.edu/2008/08/silver-is-the-key-to-reducing-pneumonia-associated-with-breathing-tubes/


People have long prized silver as a precious metal. Now, silver-coated endotracheal tubes are giving critically ill patients another reason to value the lustrous metal. In a study published in the Aug. 20, 2008 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the NASCENT Investigation Group, report that the silver-coated tubes led to a 36 percent reduction of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).

VAP can strike up to 15 percent of people who are intubated to aid breathing and can cause death in an estimated 20 percent to 40 percent of those stricken.

“VAP is a relatively common infection and increasingly one caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria,” says the study’s lead author, Marin H. Kollef, M.D., a Washington University pulmonary specialist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. “There have been many attempts to prevent VAP, most of which have revolved around modifying hospital practices. The silver-coated endotracheal tube has an advantage in that it doesn’t require any additional effort by nurses, therapists and doctors, who may already be over burdened.”


Kollef indicates that about 80 percent of patients are intubated for less than 10 days. Looking at just the first 10 days of intubation, the silver-coated tubes were associated with a 48 percent reduction in VAP, and when VAP occurred in patients with silver-coated tubes, it occurred later on average than in those with uncoated tubes.

Silver kills bacteria and yeast by sticking to the organisms’ enzymes, genetic material and other molecular components, preventing basic functions and interfering with reproduction. These organisms very rarely develop resistance to silver, and the metal has no known side effects in humans.


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45 minutes ago, MrPin said:

It sounds as daft as injecting bleach.

Not really. Bleach is poisonous.

This guy drank 10 ounces a day of colloidal silver for years (god knows at what concentration - he electrolysed it himself), such huge amounts that he turned into a smurf - yet died 15 years after his appearance on the today show, of unrelated conditions.

Reading more about it, some colloidal silver fans think that his ODing and TV appearances have really damaged prospects for research into it. Unsurprisingly.

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