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Ill begin.


The fat controller had bought a new train, called Randy.

'I want to do the school run to the girls school' shouted Randy.

Loads of lovely 13yo girls, in shortskirts and sweaty gym knickers..

Phwoar, Im steaming up just thinking about it.

Oi, mechanic, you oik, oil my pistons good n proper. I dont want them chaffing when IIm in action.

Whats that? They want to do a Ch5 documentary on me? Like that NYMR one, with those Northern monkeys.

Sure, Ill do that. What could  wrong? I might get more young girls.



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Not interested in the royal version but really used to like Thomas The Tank Engine when the children were little. Ringo Starr has the perfect narrator's voice. The kids watchd them over and over and were word perfect on some of them. "It's not wrong but we just don't do it" became a classic.

Kind of spoilt it for me years later when I heard people saying "having a Thomas the Tank" as a slang reference to masturbation :(

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On an entirely different take on the topic, I expect vast numbers of people to go on long term sick because of 'back problems' caused by poor ergonomics while home-working.

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42 minutes ago, MrPin said:

He's probably one of the saner of the Royals, but I reckon Bernard Cribbins, and Kenneth Williams were good on Jackanory.

It is all in the genes.

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